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  Rubber & plastic sector: Job Offers

 No new information available. Please visit us again soon to learn about upcoming events.

For who is Job Service intended?
Job Service is a career site for the Rubber community. VKRT connects job seekers with Rubber and Plastic companies.
 Job Offers: for recruiters, rubber and plastic companies (employers)
 Job Seekers: for professionals and students in the rubber and plastic world
Is Job Service a Free service?
Job Service is free (post and consult) for companies et job seekers.
How can an employer or a job seeker post an advertising?
1.You have not an account:
 Fill in the Personal Information form.
 For de Job Seeker, the personal information is NOT visible on the website. VKRT will never give your personal information to an employer or other parties.
 Post one or more features
2.You have an account:
 Fill your password and username to access your account.
 If necessary, update your personal information. Check your email.
 Post one or more features.
 Via "My account", you can change your advertisement.
Why my advertisement is not more visible on the website?
To avoid spamming VKRT can delete your ad before after publishing.
How can an employer contacts a job seeker?
 Follow "To contact ..." by the advertisement.
 Insert your reference (person name, or company or organisation, email) and, if you wish, a message and a link for more recruitment information.
 An email will be directly sent to the job seeker and to you.
I never receive e-mails (e.g. VKRT confirmation, contact company, ...).
 Check your email.
 Check your "Junk email post".
 Is your firewall too strict?
If you encounter another problem:
 Don't hesitate to contact VKRT: