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The Gastec Group has an international reputation in the field of energy related technology. Gastec is engaged in research and development, consultancy, engineering, certification and training. Its customers base comprises the industry in the energy supply chain from well head to burnertip. A network of agencies around the world supports the commercial operations. The Gastec Group employs about 300 people in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, UK and USA. The Gastec Group provides technological solutions for the industry related to the energy supply chain. Sustainability is the key issue of the industry. Security of supply, reliability, safety, energy efficiency etc., all these constitute the same side of the coin. For Gastec the other side is the competencies that support the objectives. Technology is considered a strategic business mean to fulfil the business objective of its corporate clients. Our objective is to be a preferred supplier of strategic technology including key components, end products, systems, software and services to facilitate the use of natural and related gasses in the energy supply chain for gas producers, gas transmission companies, energy utilities, OEMs and end users. Our spearheads include renewable sources of energy, the energy trade and supply infrastructure, certification of companies and products, and training of engineers.