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Helvoet Rubber & PLastic Technologies BV

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Helvoet, established in 1939, is internationally active in custom-made development and manufacturing of single and assembled plastic and rubber components. Helvoet’s competitive advantage in its market lies in developing and manufacturing complete assemblies for a number of product groups in various application areas. For assembled products, the application of innovative rubber, plastic and assembly technology plays a prominent role.

Most products delivered by Helvoet are close-tolerance items requiring high-level process control.

Due to many decades of experience, Helvoet accumulated unique expertise and knowledge of product development and various production processes for rubber and plastic products, for instance as a supplier to the automotive industry. Optimal process control is central to Helvoet, for both small and very large series, since the products made by Helvoet often have a safety function. Additionally, due to a structured product/market approach, a deep level of knowledge and experience within specific fields of application is required. Fields of application where innovative thinking power is a pre-condition for further growth and development. This necessitates a flexible organisation, combined with functional know-how and knowledge of development and process, which Helvoet can offer you. This makes Helvoet your ideal partner in business.

Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies BV
Sportlaan 13
3223 EV Hellevoetsluis
P.O. Box 2
3220 AA Hellevoetsluis
T +31 (0) 181 33 13 33
F + 31(0) 181 31 07 24