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NMI van Swinden Laboratory B.V.

website Org. for Standardisation

NMi van Swinden Laboratoriu B.V. is the Dutch national standards laboratory. NMi-VSL is an independent commercial institute that by contract with the Economic Affairs Department realises and maintains the Dutch National Measurement Standards. NMi stock has since early 2001 been acquired by the TNO organisation from the Economic Affairs Department. The institute develops and maintains the primary national, physical and chemical standards. It carries out high-accuracy calibrations of the measuring equipment of its customers. It is the link between the international metrological infrastructure and measuring techniques in Dutch industries, laboratories and institutes.  NMi-VSL operates as an independent research organisation, owned by TNO.  In short, NMi-VSL is a provider of traceable calibrations for accredited laboratories, research and development and consultancy, both nationally and internationally.