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Artecs Polymer Research and Technology

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 Artecs offers functional answers to clients emerging from the polymer, rubber and tissue-engineering industries through a comprehensive service approach by means of contract research, development and/or consultancy.

Artecs was founded on 2 july 2002 as a spin-off research company from the Technical University of Twente.

Artecs provides contract research, product development and consultancy for the fields of polymer, rubber and tissue-engineering applications. Due to strong connections with the University of Twente, a wide range of synthetic, processing, analytical, and tissue-engineering techniques are available to provide Artecs with sufficient tools to satisfy its customers.

Furthermore, Artecs provides clients with the latest in scientific research from around the globe.

Polymer Research & Technology
Hallenweg 5
7522 NH Enschede
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31-(0)53-4894347
Fax: +31-(0)53-4893823