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Aegir Marine B.V.

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AEGIR-Marine is the top expert in the field of stern tube seals or shaft seals, bearings and the service to go with it. AEGIR-Marine knows as no other how important it is that these components work properly and what that involves. It Just Takes ONE CALL is our slogan.

One phone call to +31 343 432 509 and we solve the problem with an excellent product, technical expertise and perfect service. Worldwide!

Artech Rubber BV

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Artech Rubber B.V. levert technische rubbervormartikelen en brandvertragende profielen die in zeer veel verschillende toepassingen worden gebruikt. Met de aanwezige produktie-apparatuur kunnen zowel produkten met behulp van de injektie- als de compressietechniek worden vervaardigd. Rubberkwaliteiten zoals natuurrubber, siliconen, SBR en ook brandvertragende rubber behoren tot het verwerkingspalet van Artech Rubber. Met tevens de compoundontwikkeling en gereedschapmakerij onder één dak bieden wij de volledige technische ondersteuning bij de keuze van het juiste materiaal en vormgeving. Het resultaat is de kortste weg tussen idee en produkt.

Artech Rubber BV
IJslandsestraat 8-12
7202 CL Zutphen
Tel: 0575-543876
Fax: 0575-544205

Bata Industrials

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Bata Industrials is part of the Bata Shoe Organisation, the largest shoe manufacturer in the world, and the market leader in the Benelux for industrial shoes. Bata Industrials has production facilities all over the world. Our headquarters are located in Best (Netherlands), where we employ a staff of 130. Each year, Bata Industrials in Best develops and manufactures more than 1,000,000 pairs of safety shoes and 700,000 pairs of socks. Bata Industrials has an advanced research and development department, and has certified testing areas at its disposal.

Bridgestone Aircraft Tyre

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Bridgestone Corporation serves the aviation industry with only the highest quality aircraft tires, providing both our customers and ultimately their passengers with superior safety and reliability. With a passion for excellence, Bridgestone dedicates all future efforts towards this end and to the successful future of worldwide aviation.


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World leader in the industry of high-technology cables and systems for energy and telecommunications, with sales of about €7 billion in 2014, the Prysmian Group is a truly global company with subsidiaries in 50 countries, 89 plants, 17 research & development centres and over 19,000 employees.

Dunlop Conveyor Belting

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Dunlop Conveyor Belting in Drachten, The Netherlands is specialised in the manufacture and supply of industrial rubber conveyor belting. The company also manufactures special products, like passenger conveyor belting, products for agriculture applications and hose lining. In addition there is a state-of-the-art R&D facility in Drachten, providing us with the technical capability to develop solutions tailored to meet your specific conveying needs. Distribution and Support Dunlop Conveyor Belting supplies a full and varied range of conveyor belting. With sales and customer service centers in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Morocco, United Arab Emirates and Ghana, and with an extensive network of authorised distributors, expert advice is always on hand providing a back-up service second to none. Wherever you operate, we are uniquely positioned to provide the most comprehensive conveyor belting service available today. Capabilities Largest sales, service and distribution network across the globe equipped to support and service all belt applications Dunlop Conveyor Belting offers the largest stock and custom belt selection in the world. Dunlop Conveyor Belting has at its disposal specialized know-how in its own R&D department, Application Engineering and Splicing & Service.


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De activiteiten van ERIKS bestaan uit de inkoop, opslag, veredeling, distributie en verkoop van een hoogwaardig en breed assortiment werktuig-bouwkundige componenten. Het uitgebreide productenpakket en de passie voor technologie maakt ERIKS tot een toonaangevende en betrouwbare partner voor haar zakelijke relaties.

Helvoet Pharma

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Helvoet Pharma is a worldwide manufacturer of rubber closures and aluminium/plastic caps for pharmaceutical packaging, drug delivery and diagnostics. With more than 1,250 employees, five plants for rubber components and four plants for aluminium / plastic caps in Europe and the USA, over 12 billion parts are produced per year. Helvoet Pharma is the Pharmaceutical Packaging Division of the Daetwyler Holding, Altdorf, Switzerland

Helvoet Rubber & PLastic Technologies BV

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Helvoet, established in 1939, is internationally active in custom-made development and manufacturing of single and assembled plastic and rubber components. Helvoet’s competitive advantage in its market lies in developing and manufacturing complete assemblies for a number of product groups in various application areas. For assembled products, the application of innovative rubber, plastic and assembly technology plays a prominent role.

Most products delivered by Helvoet are close-tolerance items requiring high-level process control.

Due to many decades of experience, Helvoet accumulated unique expertise and knowledge of product development and various production processes for rubber and plastic products, for instance as a supplier to the automotive industry. Optimal process control is central to Helvoet, for both small and very large series, since the products made by Helvoet often have a safety function. Additionally, due to a structured product/market approach, a deep level of knowledge and experience within specific fields of application is required. Fields of application where innovative thinking power is a pre-condition for further growth and development. This necessitates a flexible organisation, combined with functional know-how and knowledge of development and process, which Helvoet can offer you. This makes Helvoet your ideal partner in business.

Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies BV
Sportlaan 13
3223 EV Hellevoetsluis
P.O. Box 2
3220 AA Hellevoetsluis
T +31 (0) 181 33 13 33
F + 31(0) 181 31 07 24

Hertalan Rubber Products

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Hertalan Nederland is, als businessunit van Hertel Rubber Products, verantwoordelijk door de verkoop, marketing en technische ondersteuning van de productgroep Hertalan. De producten uit de productgroep, Hertalan, worden hoofdzakelijk toegepast in dak- en gevelconstructies maar er zijn ook andere inzet gebieden zoals de bekleding van bluswater bassins en in de glas- en tuinbouw. Hertalan Nederland adviseert opdrachtgever en haar eigen relaties over de beste toepassing van haar producten. Daarnaast maakt zij bouwfysische berekeningen en berekeningen ter bepaling van de windbelasting op daken en/of gevels.

Hertel Rubber Products

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We have been producing HERTALAN® EPDM membranes since the nineteen-sixties. That makes us Europe's first producer of EPDM sheets for roof, cladding and DPC systems.

HERTALAN® has now been supplying leading quality for almost 50 years.

HERTALAN® is since 2012 part of Carlisle® CM Europe.

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Medanco - Rubber & Plastic Solutions

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Medanco develops, produces, purchases and delivers high quality innovative custom-engineered rubber and plastic products in close cooperation with customers, suppliers and research institutes. Medanco acts as developmental partner for its customers at the earliest possible stage. Medanco’s wide variety of technologies and its expertise distinguish it as a leader within the Benelux. The knowledge of supplers from around the world supplements our own (with regards to raw materials, products and moulds) and the company cooperates with research institutes (TU Delft, TNO, Philips Campus, LUMC Leiden, Catharina Hospital). Furthermore, Medanco is a member of several platforms including MedTechpartners in which medical discoveries are presented and parties are linked to each other in order to bring out a new invention on the market (from manufacturer to distributor to investor). Thus Medanco is always aware of the latest materials, techniques and applications and remains a step ahead of the competition.

Medanco is an ISO 9001 certified supplier.

Microtek Medical Holdings Inc.

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The Netherlands-based subsidiary, Microtek Medical B.V. is a leading company in the development, manufacturing and sales of high quality dip-moulded medical devices.
The know-how and experience that was built up in over 30 years, and state-of-the-art machinery form the basis of our dedicated, high quality product range.
Gesinkkampstraat 19
7051 HR Varsseveld
The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0) 315 230 969
Fax: +31(0) 315 230 979

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Minivalve International

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We are a company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of miniature, self-actuating valves and elastomeric valve components for liquids and gasses. Particularly one-way valves and pressure relief valves such as duckbill valves and umbrella valves, dispensing valves and access valves.

We supply to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the healthcare, automotive, appliance, water handling and food and packaging industries.

Parker Hannifin Nederland B.V.

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Parker Hannifin B.V. beschikt in Nederland over 5 productielocaties en 1 service center. Het hoofdkantoor is gevestigd in Oldenzaal. In Oldenzaal is tevens Parker Systems onder gebracht. Dit onderdeel ontwikkelt en bouwt in opdracht van derden complete hydraulische installaties of deelsystemen.

Parker Hannifin is wereldwijd een toonaangevende fabrikant van componenten en systemen ten behoeven van de aandrijf- en besturingstechniek. Zij werkt nauw samen met ondernemingen in alle takken van industrie, om machines en apparaten nog betrouwbaarder en efficiënter te laten functioneren.
De producten van Parker Hannifin worden toegepast in satellieten die in een baan om de aarde draaien; in machine-gereedschappen en mobiele toepassingen; in verpakking- en voedingsverwerkende machines; op booreilanden en raffinaderijen, en in ziekenhuizen en laboratoria.

RIS-Rubber NV

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For 55 years RIS Rubber N.V. has specialised in the manufacturing of technical moulded products, metal bonded on requirement. Company products include rubber-metal elements, thrust and bump rubbers, protective covers, hedgehog mats, harvest machinery conveyor bars, manhole covers and sewer gaskets, and buffers for trucks and loading platforms, available in both small and large series, with an approximate itemised 1 gram to several hundred kilogram weight range. We offer a variety of options. Our chief strength lies in customer focus, manufacturing in precise conformance with client specifications and consistently developing new and existing products. Our Lelystad Branch exports worldwide.

Togehter with our sistercompany Kula Ring A.G. in Bulgaria with a productionaria of 13.000m2, our machine park comprises in excess of more than100 presses including injection presses with shot volumes to 2,000 cm and transfer presses equipped with up to 2500 kN closing forces combined with automatic deformation facilities. In addition, we offer compression moulds of a 200x200 mm to 1800x1800 mm surface area range incorporating closing forces to 12,000 kN as well as gap-frame presses to a 5m length integrating up to 10,000 kN closing forces. We have at our further disposal a total of four 1400 mm width rotocure machines.

RIS Rubber N.V.
Pekstraat 7
8211 AB Lelystad
The Netherlands
tel. +31 (0) 320 226115
fax +31 (0) 320 249170

Ruma Rubber

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Since 70 years Ruma develops and produces rubber and polyurethane rollers and moulded articles for all industrial applications. With facilities in The Netherlands, Poland and Italy, 180 people produce and supply to the european, azian and north-american market.

Ruma Rubber
Postbus 20 - 7900 AA Hoogeveen - Holland
Lindberghstraat 49 - 7903 BM Hoogeveen
Telefon +31 (0) 528 260100

Telefax +31 (0) 528 260101
http://www.ruma .nl



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TenCate is a multinational company that combines textile technology with related chemical processes. We develop and produce specialist materials with specific properties. Protective materials for fire-fighting clothing, and strong, lightweight materials in aircraft are good examples of these, as are materials that block UV radiation for applications like tentcloth and awnings.

TenCate’s activities can be divided into four areas of application:
* safety and protection
* aerospace
* sport and recreation
* infrastructure and the environment

TenCate has divided these segments into the eight divisions that are shown at the top of the screen on the right. Each division has its own products, applications and markets.

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TPP Technische Profielen Produktie

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Technische Profielen Produktie B.V. (TPP) is a specialist in the manufacturing of rubber sealing gaskets which are applied to many different constructions and purposes. Examples are gaskets for greenhouses, caravans, aluminium façade systems, etc.


TPP is a reliable partner with many years of experience in the area of rubber sealing gaskets. With a very customer focussed attitude, the available specialistic knowledge and a feeling for quality, TPP is able to offer an optimum service.

Trelleborg Industrial AVS

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Trelleborg Industrial Anti-vibration Systems (IAVS) is a world leading innovative supplier of high technology solutions for the removal of unwanted noise and vibration. Serving a large variety of applications and environments and utilising over 80 years of experience in the field of rubber to metal bonding, Trelleborg IAVS is the preferred partner for equipment manufacturers, train builders, ship builders, vehicle manufacturers including end users and operators around the world. By partnering with Trelleborg IAVS, our customers have access to superior materials technology and vast design and manufacturing expertise that increases efficiency and aids an accelerated business performance. 

Trelleborg Ridderkerk B.V

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Trelleborg Bakker is a part of the Trelleborg. The product range varies from sealing systems, bridge bearings, vibration dampers, ship fenders, harbour fenders, expansion joints, anti-corrosion linings, riserpipe coatings, inflatable pipe plugs to various polyurethane products.

Vernay Europe BV

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For over six decades, the Vernay name has been synonymous with solving the toughest fluid control challenges for the world’s leading automotive OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers. As the industry’s emission standards, performance, safety and comfort technologies advance, demands on component performance also increase. Vernay chemists are already working to help you stay ahead of the technology curve by developing advanced formulations to meet new fuels and emission levels as well as durability standards. Our global presence aligns easily with your worldwide supply chain and product development requirements. Your local Vernay engineer coordinates every step of your project, from concept through launch. Further streamline your supply chain by outsourcing test and validation of the full functional component to us. No matter what the mandate — zero defects, exacting precision, aggressive timetables, or saving space by integrating multiple functions into one — Vernay has the specialized knowledge to solve the problem.

Wouter Witzel EuroValve

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Since 1966, Wouter Witzel has been an international leader in high quality industrial butterfly valves and accessories. Our products are used in pipelines as shut-off valves, control valves and non-return valves.
Our main goal is to provide our customers with solutions that fit both their needs and their budgets. In order to achieve this our professional team takes a lot of effort to know the different worlds in which our customers operate.
A full range of manual control devices, actuators and accessories is available for specific conditions. The Wouter Witzel products meet the most stringent quality requirements and are extremely durable. Our products are mainly supplied to customers in seven markets:
§  Water Treatment

§  Shipbuilding

§  Oil & Gas

§  Desalination

§  Building Services

§  Power Stations

§  District Cooling

Zorge Industrie B.V.

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A family business, Zorge has been supplying customer-specified precision components for high-tech equipment and systems since 1952. We have more than fifty years of unrivalled know-how and experience in the production of sealings, gaskets, bellows, dampers, membranes, grommets, valves and other products in rubber and plastic. From our production facilities in the Netherlands and Hungary, we supply much more than just rubber...