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AEA Technology Rail BV

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Artecs Polymer Research and Technology

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 Artecs offers functional answers to clients emerging from the polymer, rubber and tissue-engineering industries through a comprehensive service approach by means of contract research, development and/or consultancy.

Artecs was founded on 2 july 2002 as a spin-off research company from the Technical University of Twente.

Artecs provides contract research, product development and consultancy for the fields of polymer, rubber and tissue-engineering applications. Due to strong connections with the University of Twente, a wide range of synthetic, processing, analytical, and tissue-engineering techniques are available to provide Artecs with sufficient tools to satisfy its customers.

Furthermore, Artecs provides clients with the latest in scientific research from around the globe.

Polymer Research & Technology
Hallenweg 5
7522 NH Enschede
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31-(0)53-4894347
Fax: +31-(0)53-4893823

AUGUR bvba business- and technology consultants

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Rubber industry

We have a broad understanding and experience in the development of rubber compounds for the e.g. automotive -, building & construction - and cable industry. We can also advise you on optimization of processing technologies like extrusion and moulding. Augur bvba can help your business with her knowledge of the European rubber industry, including e.g. raw material suppliers, compounders and converters.


We specialize in services for small and medium enterprises - because of their specific needs, we work primarily with the Linux operating system. We can assist you in the development, installation and maintenance of your ICT infrastructure. The development and maintance of you website is with Augur bvba in experienced hands. Also the individual home user can always call upon us!

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awetis engineering + manufacturing GmbH

website Machine processing equipment

Awetis – your production specialist for advanced automation systems and manufacturing specialist for complex machine parts and tools.
Based on our experience, we particularly offer efficient systems for rubber processing as well as non-wovens and other web products - and this always along the entire value chain. Furthermore, awetis is specialized on QPDC/BDE systems. Offering a broad and highly-specialized product spectrum, we can serve you with complete system solutions from a single source.

BenE Ondersteuning + Advies

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BenE Ondersteuning + Advies
Bereikbare kennis
Opgeleid binnen de grote industriële bedrijven zochten wij (Jos van Bree + Ivo Erens) naar een nieuwe uitdaging. Een uitdaging waarin we zowel onze kennis alsook onze passie kunnen
vervullen. Vanuit dit oogpunt is in 2007 BenE Ondersteuning + Advies opgericht.

In BenE wordt onze kennis van de wetgeving op het gebied van KAM-management en stoffencommunicatie gekoppeld aan onze passie om mensen te helpen. Op een praktische en
pragmatische manier willen we MKB-bedrijven helpen bij alle onderwerpen die betrekking hebben op KAM-management (Energie, Milieu, Arbo, Veiligheid en Managementsystemen) en
Stoffencommunicatie (Veiligheidinformatiebladen, REACH en GHS), met als doel: onze kennis voor u bereikbaar te maken!


website Suppliers

Caldic Nederland is responsible within the Caldic Group for the sales and distribution of chemical raw materials in The Netherlands, as well as the sales of specialties in Europe. Eventhough Caldic is one of the largest chemical distributors in Europe, we prefer to act as a small size company; this means that flexibility and personal approach are our main points of focus. We strive to offer our customers a broad range of high quality products and services at fair prices, from bulk commodity chemicals to highly specialized pharmaceutical products.


The 40+ people working for Caldic Nederland are divided over three divisions :

  • Industrial chemicals I

Sales and distribution of commodity chemicals in The Netherlands

  • Industrial chemicals II

Sales of commodities and specialties in The Netherlands

  • Specialty chemicals III

Sales of commodities and specialties in The Netherlands

Deutsche Kautschuk Gesellschaft - DKG

website Organisation

Founded in 1926, the mission of DKG is „the promotion and the distribution of scientific knowledge concerning the production and the chemical, physical and technical behavior of rubber and rubber-elastic materials“. DKG is a registered non-profit organisation, having its seat in the Haus der Kautschukindustrie, Zeppelinallee 69, 60487 Frankfurt/Main.

“Looking ahead” defines today`s activities of DKG. Due to a flood of information, the interexchange between experts is gaining importance. Identifying competent contact persons, discussing challenges together and finding realtime solutions is more important than ever. DKG is offering a broad “E2E”-platform: from expert to expert.

  • Four regional groups („Regionalgruppen“) are supporting DKG: North, Rhineland-Westfalia, South- and Southwest-Germany and East.

  • DKG is organising the triannual Deutsche Kautschuk-Tagung DKT (German Rubber Conference).

  • DKG supports workshops for beginners and professionals.
  • DKG sets up several expert-forums.
DKG is promoting research and development.

  • DKG is honoring outstanding personalities in a Rubber Hall of Fame.

  • DKG is part of a global network, including research institutes, universities and federations.
  • DKG: „Tradition meets science meets industry“.

DHVEnvironment and Safety advice for the industry

website Organisation

DHV Environment and Safety advice industry is part of DHV Consultancy and Engineering. This team has its backbone in the engineering and contracting world and currently has 60 consultants specialised in the area of industrial consulting. It combines a strong technical background with valuable experience acquired in industrial projects. Whether it concerns organisations, law or legislation, process safety, work safety or emission reduction and handling, in industry we know the way. And not only in Holland but also beyond its borders.

DSM Resolve

website Test laboratories

Benefit from effective and knowledgeable R&D support

At DSM Resolve we can help you shift your horizon to resolve your most difficult issues. We are a competence center that offers R&D support for products and processes based on Analytical Sciences, Safety and Health, Technical  Services. DSM Resolve is a Service Unit of Royal DSM.

Elastomer Research Testing B.V.

website Test laboratories

Founded in 2003 Elastomer Research Testing BV offers a complete range of equipment and know-how for testing elastomer and rubber compounds. The laboratory is very well equipped and the founders have extensive academic and practical knowledge and experience in the rubber industry. Choosing ERT BV as a partner extends the research capacity and enlarges the competitive force without investing large amounts of money in expensive, hardly used laboratory equipment.


website Organisation

The Gastec Group has an international reputation in the field of energy related technology. Gastec is engaged in research and development, consultancy, engineering, certification and training. Its customers base comprises the industry in the energy supply chain from well head to burnertip. A network of agencies around the world supports the commercial operations. The Gastec Group employs about 300 people in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, UK and USA. The Gastec Group provides technological solutions for the industry related to the energy supply chain. Sustainability is the key issue of the industry. Security of supply, reliability, safety, energy efficiency etc., all these constitute the same side of the coin. For Gastec the other side is the competencies that support the objectives. Technology is considered a strategic business mean to fulfil the business objective of its corporate clients. Our objective is to be a preferred supplier of strategic technology including key components, end products, systems, software and services to facilitate the use of natural and related gasses in the energy supply chain for gas producers, gas transmission companies, energy utilities, OEMs and end users. Our spearheads include renewable sources of energy, the energy trade and supply infrastructure, certification of companies and products, and training of engineers.

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Gevaarlijke Stoffen Training & Advies B.V.

website Consultant

Uw partner in de logistieke keten m.b.t. het vervoer van Gevaarlijke stoffen over de weg, over zee en door de lucht.

ISA Sport

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Doelstelling bij ISA Sport is in verschillende takken van sport goede, duurzame en veilige sportvoorzieningen te garanderen. Binnen ISA Sport kan een drietal specialisaties worden onderscheiden : Onderzoek, Advies en Keuren. Dit betekent dat er voortdurend onderzoek moet worden verricht. Naar nog snellere kunststof atletiekbanen, naar kwalitatief hoogwaardiger kunstgras, naar meer duurzame hockeysticks en nog energiezuinigere hallen. Het betekent ook dat er behoefte bestaat aan deskundige adviezen betreffende haalbaarheid, locatie, gebruiksmogelijkheden, exploitatieopzet, inrichting en materiaalgebruik. Tot slot betekent het dat er onafhankelijke keuringen moeten plaatsvinden, zodat faciliteiten en attributen die voldoen aan (inter-)nationale normen zich kwalitatief gezien kunnen onderscheiden. De werkzaamheden van ISA Sport zijn op nationaal niveau geaccrediteerd door de grote Nederlandse sportbonden als buitenlandse (overkoepelende)organisatie.

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Jongerius Consult

website Consultant

Onno Jongerius Consult BV ( “Jongerius Consult”) is specialised in chemicals legislation; focussing on how to organise Chemical Regulatory Compliance (CRC) efficiently and effectively within a company in its supply chain.

Kiwa Nederland BV

website Organisation

Kiwa is an international quality authority, permanently occupied with improving processes, products, employees and organisations. We do so not only by helping companies handle certification requirements, but also by offering services in the fields of training, inspection, consultancy, research and technological know-how. As each market requires its own specific expertise, we have organised ourselves according to market sectors.


website Organisation

KunststofNet biedt u een schat aan informatie over de materialen rubber en kunststof. U vindt de informatie op:
- de rubber- en kunststof-evenementenkalender
- het opleidingenaanbod voor de kunststofindustrie
- wie levert wat in de rubber- en kunststofindustrie
- onderzoeksgegevens ten aanzien van materialen, verwerkingstechnieken, e.d.
U kunt ook op het discussieplatform met branchegenoten interactief discussiëren over verschillende aspecten van rubber en kunststof.

Lange Industrievertretung e.K.

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Die Lange Industrievertretung e.K. ist kompetenter Vertriebspartner von Produzenten chemischer  Roh-, Hilfsstoffe und Rührwerken.


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About Materia
New materials present opportunities for fascinating innovations. Materia stimulates and inspires architects, designers and producers to apply these materials to their designs. The company is a knowledge centre for developments and innovations in materials, and their applications for architecture and design. Materia is familiar with many innovative materials from all over the world, as well having knowledge of their specific characteristics. This knowledge is published worldwide by Materia using various media.

Materia’s aim: to build together with creative professionals on a new vision for the future: Materialize the future!

Materia offers you free use of our search engine, a complete knowledge bank of materials.
We will also keep you updated about innovative materials and their applications, and trends in architecture and design, through newsletters, publications, and presentations. We can also supply specialists to talk about specific materials in your field or sector.
Materia activates its expertise via the Inspiration Centre, where the new materials can be seen and felt in real life. In this way, Materia offers a platform for knowledge development, interaction and cross-fertilisation. An inspirational experience.

Vonderweg 36d
7468 DC Enter
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)547 855599
F +31 (0)547 855590

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website Universities/Institutes

MERL is an independent British company, founded in 1986, located in Hertford, 30 miles (50 km) north of London, England. MERL is registered to ISO 9001 by BSI and a member of AIRTO (Association of Independent Research and Technology Organisations). MERL also hold Investors in People (IIP) status. MERL offers a range of independent contract R & D services and consultancy in polymer engineering with a multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified staff. Specialist knowledge of non-metallic and related materials (rubber, TPE, thermoplastics) Mechanical testing of materials and components Stress, chemical, failure and design analysis including FEA Chemical resistance testing including material compatibility and durability assessment in hostile environments Rubber compounding and prototype development Engineering design & manufacture of bespoke test equipment Specialist training courses Licensing of IPR Services are provided internationally to the oil and gas, automotive, aerospace/defense, medical, civil, chemical, utilities and other industries. Bespoke single client projects International multi-client (joint industry) projects European and UK government funded projects

MUOPO Inventive Consultancy

website Organisation

MUOPO Inventive Consultancy is een jonge onderneming groeiende in het segment van de dienstverlening. Onze medewerkers hebben jarenlange ervaring opgedaan in de kwaliteit-, arbo- en milieudienstverlening binnen diverse branches van het bedrijfsleven.

Vanuit deze ervaring is de visie van ons bedrijf ontstaan. Deze is gebaseerd op het MUOPO principe.
M, Mens
U, Uitrusting
O, Omgeving
P, Product
O, Organisatie.

Kijkend naar kwaliteit, arbo en milieu zijn bovengenoemde onderwerpen de sleutel tot verbetering en optimalisatie.

Onze visie als organisatie is u als klant op het gebied van kwaliteit, arbo en milieu een spiegel voorhouden (inzicht geven) en meedenken om te komen tot een constructieve en structurele verbetering, waarbij het MUOPO-principe als leidraad kan dienen.

Onze dienstverlening is gericht op onderstaande drie pijlers:
Consultancy: frisse vernieuwende wijze van advisering op het gebied van kwaliteit, arbo en milieu.
Training en Opleiding: gericht naar de praktijk, medewerkers en leidinggevende trainen c.q. opleiden als onderdeel van de beleidscyclus.
Projectbegeleiding / detachering: op detacheringbasis worden onze professionals bij u ingezet voor nader af te stemmen werkzaamheden.

Lijstbesstraat 7
4711 RJ St. willibrord

tel : 0165-388874
gsm : 06 24934700

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Plurel helpt organisaties de exploitatie van bewegende, technische systemen te optimaliseren: op prestaties, op kosten, op veiligheid.

Plurel biedt expertise en innovatieve kracht in testen, inspecteren, certificeren en onderzoeken van technische assets - in één woord: conditiemanagement. Onze klanten hebben, beheren of onderhouden assets zoals infrastructuur, vloten en logistieke/industriële installaties.

  • Consulting

Polymer Service Centre Groningen

website Test laboratories

Polymer Service Centre Groningen (PSCG) is a unique service providing research centre concerning polymers.
PSCG helps companies to solve problems or to work out ideas in the multidisciplinary field of polymers (plastics, rubbers, resins, adhesives, coatings, biomaterials, etc.).

PSCG achieves this by developing and improving polymer systems for new and existing applications or by performing thorough analyses and the interpretation thereof.

PSCG was founded in 1996 as a spin-off activity of the University of Groningen. It is a fast growing organisation with, at present, a permanent staff of 12 people.
Since 1999, PSCG is a private company. Main shareholder is the University Holding.

Polymer Service Centre Groningen B.V.
Kadijk 7D, 9747 AT GRONINGEN
P.O. Box 70033, 9704 AA GRONINGEN
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 50 368 0777
Fax +31 50 368 0779

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ProQESH ondersteunt en adviseert bedrijven op het gebied van KAM/QESH Management & Energiemanagement. Op basis van jarenlange ervaring binnen de werkterreinen van kwaliteit, milieu, energie, arbo en veiligheid brengt ProQESH kennis op een praktische en pragmatische wijze bij u in huis!

ProQESH is het preventieve middel dat ingezet kan worden om te voldoen aan de geldende regels zonder dat het u enorm veel tijd, werk en/of middelen kost. Specifieke kennis wordt ingezet om een bijdrage te leveren aan de verdere professionalisering van een onderneming met als doel het voldoen aan wet- en regelgeving en daarmee het behouden en/of verstevigen van de marktpositie van uw organisatie.

ProQESH heeft vele jaren ervaring op het gebied van KAM/QESH Management binnen (middel)grote (inter)nationale chemische bedrijven bij het toepassen en implementeren van nationale en Europese regelgeving met vernieuwingen en aanpassingen aan milieu- en veiligheidsregels, ISO-ontwikkelingen enerzijds en energiemanagement anderzijds. Aandacht voor een goede verhouding tussen kosten, baten en verplichtingen staat hierbij voorop.

ProQESH zet zich in om kennis bereikbaar te maken voor de ondernemer en daarbij een gedegen partner te zijn. ProQESH is behalve leverancier van diensten tevens een toevoeging aan uw bedrijfsvoering.

Rapra Technology Limited

website Universities/Institutes

Rapra Technology is Europe’s leading independent plastics and rubber consultancy. Rapra provides comprehensive consultancy, technology and information services for the polymer industry and industries using plastics and rubber in any component, product or production process.

Royal HaskoningDHV

website Others

Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent, international engineering and project management consultancy. The work of engineers can be found all around you. Our work contributes to the sustainable development of the communities we work in all over the world. Meaningful solutions can only be created in collaboration with our partners, clients and stakeholders. Together, we deliver innovative, sustainable answers to today's world challenges.

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Survey of supplier, converters, organisations, machine processing equipment, laboratories, rubber journals, universities, etc. Rubber.pagina is de rubberportaal voor de Benelux. Alles wat te vinden is op het gebied van rubber op Internet kan u hier terug vinden. De kracht van rubber.pagina is dat er geen voorkeuren of afwijzingen zijn. De enige voorwaarde om op rubber.pagina vermeld te worden is Rubber (productie) en wat daar direct mee te maken heeft

Simpatec Simulation & Technology Consulting GmbH

website Machine processing equipment

SimpaTec Simulation & Technology Consulting GmbH offers the plastics processing industry products and services in two business areas:
-process and component part optimisation through simulation
-technology transfer in the People’s Republic of China

  • Consulting


website Consultant

Sphera is a software and information services provider that specializes in operational risk, environmental performance and product stewardship.

Stichting Opleiding Rubber en Kunststoffen - SORK

website Organisation

SORK kent de wensen en behoeften van de kunststofbranche als geen andere opleider. Met onze aanpak dragen we ertoe bij dat al uw medewerkers dezelfde taal spreken en vanuit dezelfde basiskennis te werk gaan. Het waarborgen en verbeteren van de productiviteit, efficiency en proceszekerheid zijn de sleutelwoorden van de SORK-trainingen.
SORK is onderdeel van VAPRO.

  • Consulting

Technex BV

website Machine processing equipment

info@technex.nlTechnex levert testapparatuur, meetapparatuur en analyseapparatuur voor onderzoek en kwaliteitscontrole, proces optimalisatie en simulatie voor industrie en laboratorium

Problemen oplossen, kwaliteit verbeteren en kosten besparen zijn enkele van onze doelstellingen. Omdat wij ons verdiepen in de situatie van onze klanten, komen wij altijd met een doeltreffend en klantgericht advies. Hierdoor wordt al in een vroeg stadium de basis gelegd voor een goede samenwerking en communicatie.

Wij hebben een lange termijn visie en ondersteunen daarom het complete traject, van offerte tot levering, ingebruikname en training. Na de levering houdt onze eigen service & kalibratieafdeling de apparatuur in topconditie voor jaren lang gegarandeerd betrouwbare en nauwkeurige meetresultaten.

Technex werkt nauw samen met een aantal gerenommeerde producenten waardoor wij een aantrekkelijk totaalpakket kunnen aanbieden. Al ruim 40 jaar zijn wij een betrouwbare partner voor meer dan 2000 bedrijven, onderzoeksinstellingen en universiteiten in Nederland, Belgie en Luxemburg.

Technex BV
Industrieweg 35
1521 NE Wormerveer
Telefoon 075 647 4567
Fax 075 621 3663

Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre

website Universities/Institutes

The Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre, a unit of the Malaysian Rubber Board, was founded in 1938 and is now one of the world's leading rubber research and development establishments. TARRC's main role is to promote and assist the Malaysian rubber and rubber products industries. This is accomplished by scientific research into natural rubber, technological developments in the compounding and processing of rubbers, the design of rubber products and the improvement of service lifetime of rubber products.

Victolab B.V.

website Others

Answering all your design questions and product demands, VictoLab offers dedicated knowledge and advanced solutions.

With more than 10 years experiences in product development and engineering innovation, you will be served with an impressive compilation of best practices from the VictoLab team.

These knowledge and practices are strengthened by a broad network in the plastic and rubber industries, altogether positioning VictoLab as a strongly competitive market player for all your engineering requests.

VictoLab B.V.
Weidevogellaan 240
2496 PP Den Haag
The Netherlands

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