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Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals

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Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals builds on a tradition that started over 75 years ago, when our predecessor, Noury, started the first commercial organic peroxide plant in the world. In the late fifties, Stauffer, another predecessor, pioneered Metal Alkyls manufacturing in North America. Akzo Nobel has been producing Ziegler-Natta catalysts in Europe and in the United States since the 1980's. Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals is headquartered in Chicago. Regional headquarters are in Shanghai, Amersfoort (The Netherlands) and Chicago. Product range is primarily focused on the production of polymers, such as


  • Initiators
  • Organic Peroxides
  • Metal Alkyls
  • Polymerization Catalysts
  • Polymer Additives
  • Thermoset Chemicals
  • Crosslinking Peroxides

  • Vulcanisation ingredients

Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH

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Supplier of different kind of additives for the rubber and plastic industry. Also supplier of range of polyurethanes for a variety of application.

Schill & Seilacher Struktol AG

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 Schill & Seilacher AG was founded in 1877 as a chemical factory for the production of special products. Active research and development ensured the continous growth of the product range. The main emphasis is not only the production of special chemicals for rubber processing, antifoam agents, latex, mineral oils and silicones, but also the provision of customer oriented solutions in the research and development division. At the present time over 600 employees are responsible worldwide for the success of the Schill & Seilacher Group, which is still in family ownership.

After over 120 years of continuous, customer-oriented development Schill & Seilacher is now the global market leader for process additives in the rubber industry. Products are known under the STRUKTOL name. Beyond simple product information the customer service also offers recipe recommendations, tests and training programs in addition to trouble-shooting. The laboratories are being continuously expanded and equipped with the latest in test equipment.

The product range for the rubber industry exists of internal lubricants, peptizing agents, homogenizing agents, tackifiers, plasticizers, metal oxide preparations, vulcanization activators, soluble and insoluble sulphur preparations, mould release agents, mandrel release agents, silicone coating of building profiles, reclaiming agent and mould cleaning compounds. For the latex industry this exists of stabilizers, antioxidants, tackifiers, anti-tack agent, antifoam agents, antiwebbing agents, peptizers and preservative for NR-latex. The product range has been completed with suitable trade products.