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Apollo Vredestein B.V.

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Apollo Vredestein B.V.: A special company with a unique combination of independence, market-orientation, creativity and flexibility. Vredestein's strategy is crystal clear: to produce tyres with an optimal price-quality ratio. This is coupled with the frequent introduction of new and innovative products.

PO .Box 27
NL-7500 AA, Enschede
General Services
ph + 31 53 4 888 888
fax +31 53 4 888 800


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De activiteiten van ERIKS bestaan uit de inkoop, opslag, veredeling, distributie en verkoop van een hoogwaardig en breed assortiment werktuig-bouwkundige componenten. Het uitgebreide productenpakket en de passie voor technologie maakt ERIKS tot een toonaangevende en betrouwbare partner voor haar zakelijke relaties.


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Europlasma is a Belgian manufacturer and worldwide supplier of Low Pressure Gas Plasma Systems. Europlasma has gained a lot of expertise in different markets and is known as a problem solver. Europlasma manufacturer small laboratory Junior Systems over Roll-to-Roll textile treaters up to large custom designed batch reactors, Processes as surface activation, super-fine-cleaning, etching and surface modification by plasma polymerisation can be supplied by EUROPLASMA, for your specific problem. Applications are found in the printed circuit board, aeronautic, semiconductor, medical device, consumer electronics, automotive, filtration and textile industry, for R&D and production purposes.

The application lab is equiped for subcontracting service and contract R&D.

Helvoet Rubber & PLastic Technologies BV

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Helvoet, established in 1939, is internationally active in custom-made development and manufacturing of single and assembled plastic and rubber components. Helvoet’s competitive advantage in its market lies in developing and manufacturing complete assemblies for a number of product groups in various application areas. For assembled products, the application of innovative rubber, plastic and assembly technology plays a prominent role.

Most products delivered by Helvoet are close-tolerance items requiring high-level process control.

Due to many decades of experience, Helvoet accumulated unique expertise and knowledge of product development and various production processes for rubber and plastic products, for instance as a supplier to the automotive industry. Optimal process control is central to Helvoet, for both small and very large series, since the products made by Helvoet often have a safety function. Additionally, due to a structured product/market approach, a deep level of knowledge and experience within specific fields of application is required. Fields of application where innovative thinking power is a pre-condition for further growth and development. This necessitates a flexible organisation, combined with functional know-how and knowledge of development and process, which Helvoet can offer you. This makes Helvoet your ideal partner in business.

Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies BV
Sportlaan 13
3223 EV Hellevoetsluis
P.O. Box 2
3220 AA Hellevoetsluis
T +31 (0) 181 33 13 33
F + 31(0) 181 31 07 24

Kargro Group

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Kargro Group :

Tyres don’t last forever; they get worn.
And at some point you will start wondering what to do with them. The Kargro Group will provide the answer.
We collect truck and passenger-car casings throughout Europe.
Following a thorough inspection we then determine whether the used tyres are suitable for re-use without further processing, whether they may take to the road again after having been retreaded or are ready to be scrapped.
The Kargro Group guarantees two major issues: quality is the main thing, the environment is no less important. For a retreaded tyre, means less harm to the environment, as the life span of the casing is increased.

The word ‘recycling’ can be interpreted as ‘to run again’ and the Kargro Group does just that.

The Kargro group consist of the companies mentioned below.

- Kargro groep
- Kargro
- Lintire
- Rumal
- Banden Plan
- Tyre Plan

- Ubo
- Bandag
- Kargro Int.

Even if a tyre is beyond hope, the Kargro Group will make sure it is carried off to processing companies for ecologically sound processing, like Rumal in Weert

Special companies within the Kargro Group are active in the collection of truck and passenger-car casings, the retreading of truck casings and the trade in new and used rims. 

Minivalve International

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We are a company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of miniature, self-actuating valves and elastomeric valve components for liquids and gasses. Particularly one-way valves and pressure relief valves such as duckbill valves and umbrella valves, dispensing valves and access valves.

We supply to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the healthcare, automotive, appliance, water handling and food and packaging industries.

QEW Engineered Rubber

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QEW Engineered Rubber is committed to generate value for our customers by the development and production of high-quality rubber compounds in all required delivery forms.

We guarantee the highest customer service level by using professional creativity, innovative processes and state-of-the-art equipment.

Robert Bosch Produktie NV

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Robert Bosch Produktie N.V. (Tienen), also referred to as Bosch Manufacturing and Services Belgium, belongs to the Bosch Group and is a world leader in development and manufacturing of wiper blades and wiper arms. Founded in 1974, this site currently counts around 900 employees. It forms, within Bosch, a specialized knowledge and development center for processes and products:

  • Wiper blade products for original equipment and aftermarket
  • Rubber: compounding, coating, injection molding and extrusion
  • Stamping: Metal stamping with high geometric accuracy and quality surface finish
  • Painting technology with surface treatment, immersion techniques and spray painting
  • Assembly technologies for different types of wiper blades

  • Automotive

Vernay Europe BV

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For over six decades, the Vernay name has been synonymous with solving the toughest fluid control challenges for the world’s leading automotive OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers. As the industry’s emission standards, performance, safety and comfort technologies advance, demands on component performance also increase. Vernay chemists are already working to help you stay ahead of the technology curve by developing advanced formulations to meet new fuels and emission levels as well as durability standards. Our global presence aligns easily with your worldwide supply chain and product development requirements. Your local Vernay engineer coordinates every step of your project, from concept through launch. Further streamline your supply chain by outsourcing test and validation of the full functional component to us. No matter what the mandate — zero defects, exacting precision, aggressive timetables, or saving space by integrating multiple functions into one — Vernay has the specialized knowledge to solve the problem.