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Alpha Technologies

website Machine processing equipment

Alpha is the world leader in the design, manufacture, service and support of precision rubber and polymer laboratory instrumentation and data acquisition / analysis software systems. Alpha has been in business since 1968. Formerly a division of The Monsanto Company, Alpha became an independent company in 1995. Alpha employs a customer-focused team of approximately 180 highly trained professionals around the world.

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website Machine processing equipment

ARTEC TESTNOLOGY supplies a range of specialized test equipment for material testing and control, for both, the laboratory and in the production proces. This test equipment meets the requirements laid down in national and international standards, but can also be customized for specific applications.

With our off-line and on-line test equipment we offer solutions for quality control and improvement of your products.
For this we work with reliable, most ISO-certified, partners. Like ARTEC TESTNOLOGY, they attach importance to customer focus, product quality, flexibility and after sales service.

Our partners are:
Aboni, Adam Equipment, Delmhorst, Doss Visual Inspection Machines, Elastocon, Genlab, Innowep, IDM Instruments, Malcam, Matériau Ingénierie, Isis Sentronics, Ohaus, Rumed, Textest, Trumeter and VeriVide.

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Artecs Polymer Research and Technology

website Others

 Artecs offers functional answers to clients emerging from the polymer, rubber and tissue-engineering industries through a comprehensive service approach by means of contract research, development and/or consultancy.

Artecs was founded on 2 july 2002 as a spin-off research company from the Technical University of Twente.

Artecs provides contract research, product development and consultancy for the fields of polymer, rubber and tissue-engineering applications. Due to strong connections with the University of Twente, a wide range of synthetic, processing, analytical, and tissue-engineering techniques are available to provide Artecs with sufficient tools to satisfy its customers.

Furthermore, Artecs provides clients with the latest in scientific research from around the globe.

Polymer Research & Technology
Hallenweg 5
7522 NH Enschede
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31-(0)53-4894347
Fax: +31-(0)53-4893823

Avokal GmbH

website Suppliers

Supplier of ingredients for the rubber and plastic industry.

Avokal GmbH also represents the following companies:

Contact address for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg:

Avokal GmbH Laan van Vredenoord 33 (unit 1.14) 2289 DA Rijswijk Nederland

Tel : 070-3077121- Mobiel : 0651310351 

Fax : 070-3077126

Email :

DSM Resolve

website Test laboratories

Benefit from effective and knowledgeable R&D support

At DSM Resolve we can help you shift your horizon to resolve your most difficult issues. We are a competence center that offers R&D support for products and processes based on Analytical Sciences, Safety and Health, Technical  Services. DSM Resolve is a Service Unit of Royal DSM.

Elastocon AB

website Machine processing equipment

Elastocon manufactures instruments for material testing The objective of Elastocon is to manufacture instruments giving reliable results for existing test methods and to develop new instruments for new test methods.

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Elastomer Research Testing B.V.

website Test laboratories

Founded in 2003 Elastomer Research Testing BV offers a complete range of equipment and know-how for testing elastomer and rubber compounds. The laboratory is very well equipped and the founders have extensive academic and practical knowledge and experience in the rubber industry. Choosing ERT BV as a partner extends the research capacity and enlarges the competitive force without investing large amounts of money in expensive, hardly used laboratory equipment.


website Machine processing equipment

Europlasma is a Belgian manufacturer and worldwide supplier of Low Pressure Gas Plasma Systems. Europlasma has gained a lot of expertise in different markets and is known as a problem solver. Europlasma manufacturer small laboratory Junior Systems over Roll-to-Roll textile treaters up to large custom designed batch reactors, Processes as surface activation, super-fine-cleaning, etching and surface modification by plasma polymerisation can be supplied by EUROPLASMA, for your specific problem. Applications are found in the printed circuit board, aeronautic, semiconductor, medical device, consumer electronics, automotive, filtration and textile industry, for R&D and production purposes.

The application lab is equiped for subcontracting service and contract R&D.

G. Vogler B.V.

website Suppliers

Rubber-activities of company G. Vogler B.V.


G. Vogler B.V. is active in a number of areas within the rubber-industry :

For the elastomer part, we represent company Nippon Zeon for the Benelux countries. Nippon Zeon is leading producer of NBR-, HNBR-, ACM- and ECO-grades. Beside elastomers, we supply a complete line of [rubberchemicals]. This line consists of accelerators, retarders, antioxidants, and various other types of products. The products are supplied in (oiled) powder-, microgranule-, or masterbatch quality.


For testing instruments, we represent the Italian company Gibitre Instruments. Their productassortment consists a.o. of a Mooneycheck, Rheochecks (ODR/MDR), hardnessmeters, Ozone Check, Low temperature Check, Tensorcheck, laboratory press etc.


For processing machines, we represent the Italian companies Colmec and Euromachinery. Company Colmec is considered to be the top-manufacturer of complete [extrusion lines] for the non-tire industry. Company Euromachinery is a young, dynamic manufacturer of [mixing machines], like open mills, internal mixers, calanders, laboratory mills, and laboratory mixers. Any of these machines is built according to the specific needs and wishes from the customer. E.g. the volume of a mixer is not standard, but can be customised to any desired dimension.


Schorpioenstraat 286, NL-3067 KW Rotterdam

P.O. Box 84010 , NL-3009 CA Rotterdam

Phone: +31 10 455 35 60

Fax: +31 10 420 26 45



Instron FranceSAS

website Machine processing equipment

Créée en 1946, Instron fabrique, commercialise et met en service des machines d'essais de matériaux, des logiciels et des accessoires d'essais, vous fournissant ainsi des solutions globales pour la recherche, la qualité et le cycle de vie de vos produits. Nos machines d'essais évaluent la résistance de tous les matériaux en traction, compression, flexion, fatigue, dureté, impact et rhéologie. Nous offrons un large éventail de services, comprenant des étalonnages certifiés, la formation de nos clients à l'utilisation de nos machines et logiciels d'essai de matériaux, le support technique et l'aide à la gestion de laboratoire.


website Universities/Institutes

In DNV GL we unite the strengths of DNV, KEMA, Garrad Hassan, and GL Renewables Certification. DNV GL’s 2,500 energy experts support customers around the globe in delivering a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy supply. Our testing, certification and advisory services are delivered independent from each other.

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Kiwa Nederland BV

website Organisation

Kiwa is an international quality authority, permanently occupied with improving processes, products, employees and organisations. We do so not only by helping companies handle certification requirements, but also by offering services in the fields of training, inspection, consultancy, research and technological know-how. As each market requires its own specific expertise, we have organised ourselves according to market sectors.

QEW Engineered Rubber

website Suppliers

QEW Engineered Rubber is committed to generate value for our customers by the development and production of high-quality rubber compounds in all required delivery forms.

We guarantee the highest customer service level by using professional creativity, innovative processes and state-of-the-art equipment.

Rapra Technology Limited

website Universities/Institutes

Rapra Technology is Europe’s leading independent plastics and rubber consultancy. Rapra provides comprehensive consultancy, technology and information services for the polymer industry and industries using plastics and rubber in any component, product or production process.

TNO Quality Services

website Universities/Institutes

TNO Quality Services offers a broad package of quality services in the field of plastic and rubber products, corresponding production lines and applications.


We focus mainly on:

  • Performing measurements, testing, studies, regulations as well as physical and en (bio)chemical analyses including the corresponding interpretations for the quality, durability and safety of products and systems
  • Assessing the quality and safety of products and systems including, if required, classification and certification on the basis of legal, industry sector or voluntary systems.
  • Independent damage studies and risk analyses
  • Second opinions and arbitrage
  • Information on product quality, regulations, admission procedures, standards, technological and market developments


website Test laboratories