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Arizona Chemicals

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Arizona Chemicals is the leading producer and refiner of pine chemicals. Our products are used in thousand of everyday products including fragrances, personal care items, plastics, household cleaners, inks, paints and rubber products, and help make he world healthier, cleaner, safer and more efficient.

Avokal GmbH

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Supplier of ingredients for the rubber and plastic industry.

Avokal GmbH also represents the following companies:

Contact address for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg:

Avokal GmbH Laan van Vredenoord 33 (unit 1.14) 2289 DA Rijswijk Nederland

Tel : 070-3077121- Mobiel : 0651310351 

Fax : 070-3077126

Email :

Behn Meyer Group

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A company covering the import and distribution of rubber processing chemicals, synthetic rubber, plastic film, frozen seafood, fruits, consumer products, tin, as well as export, of industrial and fine chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials and hardware

C.N. Schmidt b.v

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C.N. Schmidt b.v. represents within the Benelux market area different producers of chemical specialties. Our main products are raw materials for chemistry, finechemistry, laboratory research, pharma and foodstuffs. Other areas are watertreatment and Food supplements.


For the rubber industry our product range exists of internal lubricants, peptizing agents, homogenizing agents, tackifiers, plasticizers, metal oxide preparations, vulcanisation activators, soluble and insoluble sulphur preparations, sulphur flower, mould release and mandrel release agents, silicone coating of building profiles, reclaiming agent, mould cleaning compounds and rubber/metal adhesives. For the latex industry this exists of stabilizers, antioxidants, tackifiers, anti-tack, antifoam and antiwebbing agents, peptizers and preservative for NR-latex.


You can visit our website: or for more information.

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Caldic Nederland is responsible within the Caldic Group for the sales and distribution of chemical raw materials in The Netherlands, as well as the sales of specialties in Europe. Eventhough Caldic is one of the largest chemical distributors in Europe, we prefer to act as a small size company; this means that flexibility and personal approach are our main points of focus. We strive to offer our customers a broad range of high quality products and services at fair prices, from bulk commodity chemicals to highly specialized pharmaceutical products.


The 40+ people working for Caldic Nederland are divided over three divisions :

  • Industrial chemicals I

Sales and distribution of commodity chemicals in The Netherlands

  • Industrial chemicals II

Sales of commodities and specialties in The Netherlands

  • Specialty chemicals III

Sales of commodities and specialties in The Netherlands

Keyser & Mackay

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Keyser & Mackay are an experienced agent and distributor of Performance Chemicals and Equipment with an extensive network throughout the heart of Europe.

Leidsegracht 19 1017 NA Amsterdam

Postbus 3899, 1001 AR Amsterdam

T: +31 20 6263323

F: +31 20 6254559


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Lange Industrievertretung e.K.

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Die Lange Industrievertretung e.K. ist kompetenter Vertriebspartner von Produzenten chemischer  Roh-, Hilfsstoffe und Rührwerken.

Sepulchre Benelux

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 Sepulchre is first in class distributor of more than 3000 industrial raw materials and chemical specialities from top suppliers.

Supplier e.g. of polymers and additives for the rubber market.

NV Sepulchre SA
Waterleliënlaan 19/6
Avenue des Nénuphars 19/6
1160 Brussel - Bruxelles
TEL: +32 2 672 23 35
FAX: +32 2 673 67 82

Sepulchre SA
TVA : BE 401 916 233
RCB-HRB : 259.060

The Netherlands
Sepulchre bv
Houtzaagmolen 108
NL-2986 GE Ridderkerk
Tel.: +31 180 434 639
Fax: +31 180 435 621

Sepulchre BV
BTW : NL001619408B01
KVK : 200 56351