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Black Bear Carbon BV

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Black Bear Carbon is an innovative producer of carbon reinforcing fillers for tires, rubber, plastics and coatings. Black Bear Carbon BV was founded in 2010 and is incorporated under Dutch Law. Black Bear's products (BBC 600 and BBC 900) are the green alternative for carbon black and silica and can be applied as a renewable subsitute for both.

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Kargro Group

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Kargro Group :

Tyres don’t last forever; they get worn.
And at some point you will start wondering what to do with them. The Kargro Group will provide the answer.
We collect truck and passenger-car casings throughout Europe.
Following a thorough inspection we then determine whether the used tyres are suitable for re-use without further processing, whether they may take to the road again after having been retreaded or are ready to be scrapped.
The Kargro Group guarantees two major issues: quality is the main thing, the environment is no less important. For a retreaded tyre, means less harm to the environment, as the life span of the casing is increased.

The word ‘recycling’ can be interpreted as ‘to run again’ and the Kargro Group does just that.

The Kargro group consist of the companies mentioned below.

- Kargro groep
- Kargro
- Lintire
- Rumal
- Banden Plan
- Tyre Plan

- Ubo
- Bandag
- Kargro Int.

Even if a tyre is beyond hope, the Kargro Group will make sure it is carried off to processing companies for ecologically sound processing, like Rumal in Weert

Special companies within the Kargro Group are active in the collection of truck and passenger-car casings, the retreading of truck casings and the trade in new and used rims. 

Rubber Resources

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Rubber Resources’ recycling activities began nearly 50 years ago in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

During those five decades of recycling they have been able to learn, improve and preserve that wisdom for the customers of today. During that time they grew to three plants in total. The Maastricht plant still is the main plant, where they devulcanise natural and butyl rubber. These grades of rubber have regained their viscosity as well as the characteristics of the originally compound.

The other two plants are in Belgium and South Africa. In South Africa the devulcanisation of SBR/NR (RSR) takes place. Powders and granules (RWM, RSM) are produced in Belgium as well as in South Africa. Their consistent grades are supplied to the major car tyre manufacturers all over the world, as well as to the general rubber goods industry

Postal Address:
Rubber Resources B.V.
P.O. Box 437
6200 AK Maastricht
The Netherlands

Visiting Address:
Rubber Resources Maastricht
Lage Frontweg 2a
6219 PD Maastricht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)43 3290444
Fax: +31 (0)43 3257191

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Rumal Rubber Grinding Industries Limburg specialises in the recycling of truck tyres into high-grade rubber granulates and powders. We have three up-to-date recycling lines in Weert producing high-quality raw materials, which we
sell successfully around the world.
The world’s first tyre recycling company established in 1982, Rumal processes an annual 35,000 tons of truck tyres into granulates and powders, serving as a raw material for various industrial applications. They serve a wide range
of industrial needs in the production of friction materials, car mats, shoes or asphalt for instance. But they serve especially well when used as filling material in artificial turf sports fields.

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Van Gansewinkel Groep bv

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Afval bestaat niet. Dat is onze boodschap. Van Gansewinkel Groep ziet afval als basis voor grondstoffen en energie. We zien het als onze opdracht om cycli sluitend te maken en willen
voorkomen dat iets afval wordt. Duurzaam werken? We kunnen niet anders! Want duurzaamheid is wat we leveren.

Van Gansewinkel Groep bv, Flight Forum 240, NL-5657 DH Eindhoven
Postbus 8785, NL-5605 LT Eindhoven

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