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Wurfbain Nordmann

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The company was originally founded in 1897. In 1985, it joined the R.C.M.A.Group (Rubber Cultuur Maatschappij Amsterdam), one of the oldest public quoted companies on the Amsterdam Exhange. In 1998, it joined the RCMA Commoditites Asia Group to form a part of the global rubber-trading group with focus on serving our customers in Europe. In 2001, with the joining of the rubber division of Nordmann Rassmann Gmbh, the company group is now Wurfbain Nordmann bv in the Netherlands, and Wurfbain Nordmann Gmbh in Germany (with focus on serving our customers in Eastern Europe). We export Natural Rubber, Lattices, and Synthetic Rubber to all rubber consuming countries globally.

The activities of Wurfbain Nordmann are centred on the production, marketing and distibution of natural rubber and latex from all major production countries. Wurfbain Nordmann is also active as distributor for well established producers of synthetic rubber. Deliveries are affected either directly from the producers factory or stocks in Europe.

Our trading, support and laboratory teams are made up of highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in the international rubber markets and the rubber industry in general.

Our clients include multinational tyre companies, representative buying agencies and other companies involved in the manufacture of specialised rubber products.

Wurfbain Nordmann bv has an ISO-9002 certified quality system, registered under number 96.025.2.