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ARTEC TESTNOLOGY supplies a range of specialized test equipment for material testing and control, for both, the laboratory and in the production proces. This test equipment meets the requirements laid down in national and international standards, but can also be customized for specific applications.

With our off-line and on-line test equipment we offer solutions for quality control and improvement of your products.
For this we work with reliable, most ISO-certified, partners. Like ARTEC TESTNOLOGY, they attach importance to customer focus, product quality, flexibility and after sales service.

Our partners are:
Aboni, Adam Equipment, Delmhorst, Doss Visual Inspection Machines, Elastocon, Genlab, Innowep, IDM Instruments, Malcam, Matériau Ingénierie, Isis Sentronics, Ohaus, Rumed, Textest, Trumeter and VeriVide.