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More than 60 years of experience, development and research have by now made AEROSIL® the most frequently used brand for the creation, modification and characterization of surface effects. Without pyrogenic silica, many things in everyday life would be unimaginable. AEROSIL® is used, for example, in the earthquake-proof foundations of buildings, in silicone sealants for bathtubs, for the production of yachts, in insulation materials for ceramic cooking surfaces or in paints and coatings, which, without AEROSIL®, would be difficult to process.

There are AEROSIL® production plants, applied technology service and research centers as well as commercial and technical service offices in Europe, America and Asia. The mere fact that we produce on three continents - and are the only supplier to do so - represents a decisive advantage for us and our customers when it comes to an effective world-wide delivery service. With a total of more than 1,200 motivated employees and more than 100 service offices in 95 countries, we also offer our customers the biggest service network of all suppliers on the market. The business unit AEROSIL is not only the manufacturer of specialty products for industry, but also a committed service provider and a competent advisor for all of our customers.