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Zeon Europe GmbH

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Zeon and its affiliates appreciate that you as our customers and partners have taken this opportunity to communicate with us.
At our European Headquarters in Düsseldorf and our regional sales offices we act as the Sales and Distribution Centre throughout Europe for Zeon Corporation and it's affiliates. We also manufacture at our site in the UK Nitrile Rubber and Zeoforte Compounds.

Our core business is the wide range of innovative elastomeric products developed within the Zeon group, focussed on specialities based upon the chemistry of the C4 and C5 fractions. These elements also form the starting point for new products like cyclo-olefin polymers.

Our Research & Development Departments are continually seeking innovative new products and applications to meet the technical and environmental challenges of an ever changing world. Through developing cooperative solutions to present and future challenges we can achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.