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DSM Resolve


Benefit from effective and knowledgeable R&D support

At DSM Resolve we can help you shift your horizon to resolve your most difficult issues. We are a competence center that offers R&D support for products and processes based on Analytical Sciences, Safety and Health, Technical  Services. DSM Resolve is a Service Unit of Royal DSM.

Elastomer Research Testing B.V.


Founded in 2003 Elastomer Research Testing BV offers a complete range of equipment and know-how for testing elastomer and rubber compounds. The laboratory is very well equipped and the founders have extensive academic and practical knowledge and experience in the rubber industry. Choosing ERT BV as a partner extends the research capacity and enlarges the competitive force without investing large amounts of money in expensive, hardly used laboratory equipment.

Polymer Service Centre Groningen


Polymer Service Centre Groningen (PSCG) is a unique service providing research centre concerning polymers.
PSCG helps companies to solve problems or to work out ideas in the multidisciplinary field of polymers (plastics, rubbers, resins, adhesives, coatings, biomaterials, etc.).

PSCG achieves this by developing and improving polymer systems for new and existing applications or by performing thorough analyses and the interpretation thereof.

PSCG was founded in 1996 as a spin-off activity of the University of Groningen. It is a fast growing organisation with, at present, a permanent staff of 12 people.
Since 1999, PSCG is a private company. Main shareholder is the University Holding.

Polymer Service Centre Groningen B.V.
Kadijk 7D, 9747 AT GRONINGEN
P.O. Box 70033, 9704 AA GRONINGEN
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 50 368 0777
Fax +31 50 368 0779