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For over 60 years, 3M Energy and Advanced Materials Division (EAMD) has been a developer and manufacturer of products designed to help you improve productivity; enhance product quality; protect health and safety; and control costs.


3M Energy and Advanced Materials Division contains a unique resource of technology and talent - dedicated to finding practical and ingenious solutions that benefit you, your company and the world around us.


3M EAMD offers a broad range of technologies designed to satisfy the need for continuous improvements in industrial productivity.In the Automotive and Building Chemicals Industries our Glass Bubbles offer many solutions including weight reduction, cost reduction and easy application. In the Cosmetics Industry our Cosmetic Microspheres can improve the feel, flow and texture of cosmetic formulations.



Acordis: a blend of skills and experience stemming from long traditions. A multinational group of businesses, it supplies customers throughout the world with man-made fibres and speciality materials for industrial, textile, medical and hygiene applications.


The Acordis group has sales of some EUR 1.6 billion, employs approximately 9,000 people, and has production facilities in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Brazil, Italy and Poland.

Advanced Polymer Alloys (APA)


Advanced Polymer Alloys (APA) provides the polymer knowledge you need to turn your design visions into engineering reality. We offer the world’s most complete line of Melt Processible Elastomers (MPEs), supported by our dedicated technical staff. They listen carefully to your needs, then recommend the optimal material for your product…or custom-compound an alloy just for you.



More than 60 years of experience, development and research have by now made AEROSIL® the most frequently used brand for the creation, modification and characterization of surface effects. Without pyrogenic silica, many things in everyday life would be unimaginable. AEROSIL® is used, for example, in the earthquake-proof foundations of buildings, in silicone sealants for bathtubs, for the production of yachts, in insulation materials for ceramic cooking surfaces or in paints and coatings, which, without AEROSIL®, would be difficult to process.

There are AEROSIL® production plants, applied technology service and research centers as well as commercial and technical service offices in Europe, America and Asia. The mere fact that we produce on three continents - and are the only supplier to do so - represents a decisive advantage for us and our customers when it comes to an effective world-wide delivery service. With a total of more than 1,200 motivated employees and more than 100 service offices in 95 countries, we also offer our customers the biggest service network of all suppliers on the market. The business unit AEROSIL is not only the manufacturer of specialty products for industry, but also a committed service provider and a competent advisor for all of our customers.

Arizona Chemicals


Arizona Chemicals is the leading producer and refiner of pine chemicals. Our products are used in thousand of everyday products including fragrances, personal care items, plastics, household cleaners, inks, paints and rubber products, and help make he world healthier, cleaner, safer and more efficient.

Avokal GmbH


Supplier of ingredients for the rubber and plastic industry.

Avokal GmbH also represents the following companies:

Contact address for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg:

Avokal GmbH Laan van Vredenoord 33 (unit 1.14) 2289 DA Rijswijk Nederland

Tel : 070-3077121- Mobiel : 0651310351 

Fax : 070-3077126

Email :

BASF Polyurethanes Benelux B.V.


BASF Polyurethanes Benelux B.V. supplies a wide assortment of systems for polyurethane and polyurea applications.
Elastopor®, Elastopir®, Elastocoat® are registered trademarks of BASF.

Behn Meyer Group


A company covering the import and distribution of rubber processing chemicals, synthetic rubber, plastic film, frozen seafood, fruits, consumer products, tin, as well as export, of industrial and fine chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials and hardware

Benelux Research Business BV


The company has been active from the early 1980's and since then has evolved into a major partner for a wide variety of (industrial) companies. B.R.B.'s major strength is its excellent problem-solving capability and its market-oriented mentality, something which its ideas and actions demonstrate. Thanks to B.R.B.'s professionally operated organisation, it has evolved in one of the top suppliers of silicones, lubricants, additives and chemicals;from raw materials and quality semi-finished products to custom-made end products.


Benelux Research Business b.v.

Holland Branskamp 12

6014 CB Ittervoort The Netherland

Tel. +31 475 560300

Fax. +31 475 566144

Black Bear Carbon BV


Black Bear Carbon is an innovative producer of carbon reinforcing fillers for tires, rubber, plastics and coatings. Black Bear Carbon BV was founded in 2010 and is incorporated under Dutch Law. Black Bear's products (BBC 600 and BBC 900) are the green alternative for carbon black and silica and can be applied as a renewable subsitute for both.

Bluestar Silicones


Bluestar Silicones is one of the foremost fully integrated silicone manufacturers in the world. With over 50 years silicones expertise, Bluestar Silicones offers a comprehensive range of silicones products in the sectors of release coatings, engineering elastomers, healthcare products, specialty fluids, emulsions and resins. . Bluestar Silicones is committed to a sustainable development policy based on health, safety, the environment, transport, substances and regulations related to manufactured products.

Brenntag Nederland BV


Brenntag Nederland BV is onderdeel van de internationale Brenntag organisatie.
Brenntag Nederland BV bestaat uit drie onderdelen: Industriële Chemicaliën, Specialiteiten en Export.
Brenntag Nederland BV beschikt over acht locaties verdeeld over Nederland.
Onze productielocaties voldoen aan de hoogste eisen op het gebied van kwaliteit, milieu en veiligheid.
Brenntag Nederland BV beschikt over diverse certificaten.


Meer informatie over de door ons geleverde producten kunt u terugvinden op deze website.

Uiteraard kunt u voor vragen contact met ons opnemen:
- telefoonnummer +31 (0) 78 6544 944,
- faxnummer +31 (0) 78 6544 919 of
- via e-mail mailto:

C.H. Erbsloeh


C.H. Erbslöh supplies raw materials and auxiliaries for all branches of the rubber industry. Rubber chemicals are also available as polymerbound granules

C.N. Schmidt b.v


C.N. Schmidt b.v. represents within the Benelux market area different producers of chemical specialties. Our main products are raw materials for chemistry, finechemistry, laboratory research, pharma and foodstuffs. Other areas are watertreatment and Food supplements.


For the rubber industry our product range exists of internal lubricants, peptizing agents, homogenizing agents, tackifiers, plasticizers, metal oxide preparations, vulcanisation activators, soluble and insoluble sulphur preparations, sulphur flower, mould release and mandrel release agents, silicone coating of building profiles, reclaiming agent, mould cleaning compounds and rubber/metal adhesives. For the latex industry this exists of stabilizers, antioxidants, tackifiers, anti-tack, antifoam and antiwebbing agents, peptizers and preservative for NR-latex.


You can visit our website: or for more information.



Cabot is a global chemical manufacturer of carbon black, fumed metal oxides, tantalum, inkjet colorants, Nanogel and masterbatches.



Caldic Nederland is responsible within the Caldic Group for the sales and distribution of chemical raw materials in The Netherlands, as well as the sales of specialties in Europe. Eventhough Caldic is one of the largest chemical distributors in Europe, we prefer to act as a small size company; this means that flexibility and personal approach are our main points of focus. We strive to offer our customers a broad range of high quality products and services at fair prices, from bulk commodity chemicals to highly specialized pharmaceutical products.


The 40+ people working for Caldic Nederland are divided over three divisions :

  • Industrial chemicals I

Sales and distribution of commodity chemicals in The Netherlands

  • Industrial chemicals II

Sales of commodities and specialties in The Netherlands

  • Specialty chemicals III

Sales of commodities and specialties in The Netherlands

Chemical Innovations Limited


Chemical Innovations Limited (CIL) was established in 1959, and is based in Preston, UK. CIl manufactures speciality chemical products, including : Rubber and PU to substrate primers and bonding agents Puncture proofing systems for industrial vehicles Mould release agents Products sold worldwide to over 60 different countries either directly, or through network of experienced Distributors and major markets include :

  • Automotive Component Manufacturers
  • Rubber and Polyurethane Roller Producers
  • Tyre Manufacturers - Vehicle Operators
  • Industrial Component Manufacturers
  • Off-shore Industry
  • CIL is part of The Vita Group andis certified to BS EN ISO9001:2000.



As one of the leading global players we are familiar with Surface Treatment in all its facets. Quality products and services are the prerequisite for our successful business. However, at Chemetall, we know that it takes more than that to be a preferred global supplier.



Bij D.R.I. Rubber B.V., herbewerken we rubber grondstoffen naar een kwalitatief hoogwaardig half-fabrikaat (fiber reïnforced rubber compound).

Daikin Chemicals


Denka Chemicals GmbH


We supply long-time seller products worldwide, such as Synthetic rubber called DENKA CHLOROPRENE and others using the advantaged limestone and hydroelectric power generation.

Dow Performance Silicones


DuPont Performance Elastomers


DuPont Performance Elastomers offers a wide variety of products ranging from thermoset rubber polymers used by the general rubber industry to high-performance fluoroelastomers used by the chemical processing and automotive industries.



3M, with its subsidiaries Dyneon GmbH and Dyneon B.V., is a worldwide leader in production, development and sales of fluoroelastomers, fluorothermoplastics, polytetrafluoroethylene
(PTFE) and specialty additives, which are sold under the 3M™ Dyneon™ and 3M™ Dynamar™ brand. Fluoropolymers are used in a variety of industrial applications, such as oil & gas,
chemical and petrochemical processing, automotive and aerospace or in the electric/electronics industries

Eastman Chemical Company


Eastman is a global specialty chemicals company that produces a broad range of advanced materials, additives and functional products, specialty chemicals, and fibers that are found in products people use every day



Elkem is one of the world’s leading companies for environment-friendly production of materials. Its principal products are solar grade silicon, silicon, special alloys for the foundry industry, carbon and microsilica.



De activiteiten van ERIKS bestaan uit de inkoop, opslag, veredeling, distributie en verkoop van een hoogwaardig en breed assortiment werktuig-bouwkundige componenten. Het uitgebreide productenpakket en de passie voor technologie maakt ERIKS tot een toonaangevende en betrouwbare partner voor haar zakelijke relaties.

Evonik - Degussa AG


Evonik is one of the world's leading specialty chemicals companies. The central elements of our strategy for sustained value creation are profitable growth, efficiency and values. Around 80 percent of sales come from market-leading positions, which we are systematically
expanding. We concentrate on high-growth megatrends, especially health, nutrition, resource efficiency and globalization.

FKuR - Forschung und Engineering GmbH, Willich


For more than 20 years we at FKuR have dedicated ourselves to nature and its uniqueness. From the very beginning we have followed our commitment and slogan ‘Plastics – made by nature’.


As a leading producer of customized bioplastics we offer a broad range of biobased and compostable resins. Customers benefit from our variety of tailormade compounds as well as from our global distribution program: As ‘The Bioplastic Specialist’ we offer innovative solutions for all processing methods and applications for your product of choice.

Flevo Rubber Compounding


Flevo Rubber Compounding was founded in 1973 by the current director K.G. den Haan. At present the company has over 50 employees and produces a broad range of technical compounds. Our highly trained staff quarantees excellent quality. Furthermore, transportation to the customers is organised by the company itself in close cooperation with Flevo Cargo.

Flevo Rubber Compounding Address:

Pekstraat 13, 8211 AB Lelystad, Netherlands

Address: P.O. Box 257, 8200 AG Lelystad, Netherlands

Phone: + 31 - (0) 320 - 227290

Fax: + 31 - (0) 320 - 232248



A global, multi-cultural company, manufacturer and supplier of chemicals for rubber processing and related industries. Flexsys has also developed several products to be used as additives. These additives provide different functionalities for specific chemical applications.

Frontier Laboratories


G. Vogler B.V.


Rubber-activities of company G. Vogler B.V.


G. Vogler B.V. is active in a number of areas within the rubber-industry :

For the elastomer part, we represent company Nippon Zeon for the Benelux countries. Nippon Zeon is leading producer of NBR-, HNBR-, ACM- and ECO-grades. Beside elastomers, we supply a complete line of [rubberchemicals]. This line consists of accelerators, retarders, antioxidants, and various other types of products. The products are supplied in (oiled) powder-, microgranule-, or masterbatch quality.


For testing instruments, we represent the Italian company Gibitre Instruments. Their productassortment consists a.o. of a Mooneycheck, Rheochecks (ODR/MDR), hardnessmeters, Ozone Check, Low temperature Check, Tensorcheck, laboratory press etc.


For processing machines, we represent the Italian companies Colmec and Euromachinery. Company Colmec is considered to be the top-manufacturer of complete [extrusion lines] for the non-tire industry. Company Euromachinery is a young, dynamic manufacturer of [mixing machines], like open mills, internal mixers, calanders, laboratory mills, and laboratory mixers. Any of these machines is built according to the specific needs and wishes from the customer. E.g. the volume of a mixer is not standard, but can be customised to any desired dimension.


Schorpioenstraat 286, NL-3067 KW Rotterdam

P.O. Box 84010 , NL-3009 CA Rotterdam

Phone: +31 10 455 35 60

Fax: +31 10 420 26 45



Hansen & Rosenthal


H&R Group in Germany and its sister companies are forming a worldwide sales network with refineries and specialty product plants at the service of our customers to cover their needs in products like white oils, wax emulsions, paraffin, plasticizing oils and many more.



Imerys operates 213 mines and pits and 25 different minerals or mineral groups. The Group draws on its knowledge of their properties and applications to mine, enrich and combine them to deliver the required effects to its customers. From deposit through to customer, find about all the key stages in Imerys

Ingfer Fillers & Minerals B.V.


Ingfer Fillers & Minerals B.V. is situated in De Rijp in The Netherlands. Ingfer Fillers & Minerals B.V. sells mineral raw materials on a trading basis and as an agent on a exclusive basis, by direct deliveries and part deliveries. The part deliveries are usually delivered from our warehouse in Hazeldonk.


We deliver our products to the following Industries:

* Paint & Coatings
* Rubber & Plastics
* Ceramics/ Refractories/ Foundry
* Welding Rods
* Cement/ Concrete/ Brick
* Insecticides/ Herbicides/ Pesticides/Fertilizers/Feed
* Cosmetics/ Pharmaceuticals
* Brakelinings/ Friction materials
* Art Products

Ingfer Fillers & Minerals B.V.
Galjoen 39
Tel: + 31 299 674539
Fax: + 31 299 674017

Integrated Chemicals Specialties BV


Integrated Chemicals Specialties BV, founded in 1975, supplies raw materials for the chemical industry. Our focus on specific market segments is the key to our success. For more than 30 years, we have represented manufacturers with specialistic knowledge of high-quality products for the rubber-, plastic-, coating-, cleaning- and cosmetic industries. Together with our clients and suppliers, we concentrate our efforts on improving existing products, developing new products and creating challenging opportunities in the market. In short, we can offer tailored solutions.


Contact address Integrated Chemicals Specialties BV

Drachmeweg 18

Nieuw Vennep

Tel: 0252-419020

Fax: 0252-415483

Keyser & Mackay


Keyser & Mackay are an experienced agent and distributor of Performance Chemicals and Equipment with an extensive network throughout the heart of Europe.

Leidsegracht 19 1017 NA Amsterdam

Postbus 3899, 1001 AR Amsterdam

T: +31 20 6263323

F: +31 20 6254559


Lange Industrievertretung e.K.


Die Lange Industrievertretung e.K. ist kompetenter Vertriebspartner von Produzenten chemischer  Roh-, Hilfsstoffe und Rührwerken.

Lanxess Elastomers B.V.


Op de locatie Geleen fabriceert LANXESS Keltan®, een reeks kwaliteitsrubbers op basis van ethyleen-propyleen (EPDM).
De portfolio voor Keltan® bestaat uit een ruim assortiment 'Great Grades™’ dat ruimte biedt bij het bepalen van receptuur, productontwerp en -verwerking.
Dit stelt de (rubber)industrie in staat om door optimalisatie de gewenste verhouding tussen productprestatie en kostenefficiëntie te verkrijgen.

De belangrijkste klantsector voor LANXESS is het marktsegment voor auto-onderdelen. EPDM wordt veelvuldig toegepast in afdichtingssystemen (zowel
vaste als sponsachtige) als ook in radiatorslangen en pakkingen. In de bouwsector speelt EPDM een belangrijke rol bij het voldoen aan de strenge eisen
van het marktsegment voor beglazing.
De merknaam Keltan heeft wereldwijde erkenning, staat synoniem voor kwaliteit en betrouwbaarheid en is daarom een gewaardeerd toeleverancier voor
essentiële marktsegmenten waaronder Plastics Modification (TPV) en Petroleum Additives.

Keltan Grades worden binnen verschillende segmenten toegepast: van draad en kabel tot huishoudelijke apparaten, buiten- en binnenbanden,
dakbedekking en geomembranen en diverse andere artikelen van rubber.

Low Melt fiber



Fiber Partner is the Global supplier of staple fibres in polyester, polypropylene & bicomponent – high tenacity yarns in polyester and nylon – Plastics in PP resin & PET bottle flakes.

related links:



The Lubrizol Corporation, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a technology-driven global company. Lubrizol combines complex specialty chemicals to optimize the quality, performance and value of our customers' products while reducing their environmental impact.

Lubrizol knows that Lubrizol isn't a common household name to most people. So it might surprise you that Lubrizol's products and technologies are in things you use every day - quite likely on surfaces and in fluids in the vehicles you drive, in the shampoos and soaps you use, in a medicine you take, in the clothes you wear and in electronic devices and plumbing systems in your home.

Lubrizol is proud to serve a global customer base through two business segments, each with a strong portfolio of outstanding product lines.
- Lubrizol Additives is a pioneering global supplier of chemical additive technologies including additives for engine oils, driveline and other transportation-related fluids, and industrial lubricants, as well as additives for gasoline and diesel fuel.
- Lubrizol Advanced Materials is a leading global producer of advanced specialty polymers, polymer-based additives and chemical additives used in everyday consumer and industrial applications.
Each segment offers customers its own rich history of innovative successes, industry-leading knowledge and experience, custom solutions and world-class support.

Martinswerk GmbHA company of Albemarle Corporation


Martinswerk is the world's major supplier of special chemical products based on aluminium hydroxides and oxides. Over 100 products including products based on magnesium hydroxides, magnesium oxides, and special pigments offer individual solutions for a wide range of industrial applications


• plastics and rubber
• toothpaste
• paper and board
• paints & varnishes
• industrial ceramics
• refractory materials
• polishing materials
• chemical process and environmental protection



The Minelco Group is internationally active in the market of industrial minerals with a leading position within a number of product applications. The Group is part of the Swedish company LKAB, one of the world’s leading producers of highly upgraded iron ore products providing over 20 million tonnes annually to a worldwide market. LKAB started operations in 1890 and is an international, high-technology minerals group with a strong commitment to new technology, research and development.

The Netherlands
Minelco B.V.
Vlasweg 19, Harbour M164
P.O. Box 16
NL-4780 AA Moerdijk
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 168 388500
Fax: +31 168 388599

Minelco B.V. is strategically located in Moerdijk, The Netherlands. The quay next to the site can handle vessel sizes up to 20,000 tonnes and the location is next to motorways in all directions. On site Minelco B.V. has storage, milling, screening and packaging facilities for minerals.



Nynas products are recognised by their high quality world wide. Nynas is the global leader of premium naphthenic specialty oils and one of Europe's leading suppliers of quality bitumen. Nynas also produce marine and specialty fuels.

Polycomp B.V.


Polycomp has started the development and production of rubber-compounds in 1990.

Since 1995 Polycomp has been situated in a new, tailor-made, building in the industrial area in Vorden, The Netherlands. Expansion in 2000 and 2002 with new production space, state of the art storage and weighing areas and new laboratories and pilot plant assures that we can keep up with todays increasing demands.

Polycomp BV
NL 7250 AB Vorden, the Netherlands
Handelsweg 7
NL 7251 JG Vorden
Industrial area "Werkveld", the Netherlands
Tel: +31 575 - 554066
Fax: +31 575 - 554110

QEW Engineered Rubber


QEW Engineered Rubber is committed to generate value for our customers by the development and production of high-quality rubber compounds in all required delivery forms.

We guarantee the highest customer service level by using professional creativity, innovative processes and state-of-the-art equipment.



October, 1st 2002 the sales efforts of Resinex Belgie NV and Behoplastics NV were joined in RESIN EXPRESS Benelux NV. In the Benelux we distribute plastics, elastomers and masterbatches for prominent manufacturers. Single bag orders up to full truckloads are delivered with first class service! Resin Express has a team of highly skilled and experienced people, helping you to select the best material for each application and proposing efficient technical solutions.


You can reach Resin Express Benelux at

Revertex (Malaysia)Sdn Bhd


Supplier of aqueous polymer dispersions, alkyds, unsaturated polyester resins, and natural rubber latex

Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH


Supplier of different kind of additives for the rubber and plastic industry. Also supplier of range of polyurethanes for a variety of application.

Rubber Resources


Rubber Resources’ recycling activities began nearly 50 years ago in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

During those five decades of recycling they have been able to learn, improve and preserve that wisdom for the customers of today. During that time they grew to three plants in total. The Maastricht plant still is the main plant, where they devulcanise natural and butyl rubber. These grades of rubber have regained their viscosity as well as the characteristics of the originally compound.

The other two plants are in Belgium and South Africa. In South Africa the devulcanisation of SBR/NR (RSR) takes place. Powders and granules (RWM, RSM) are produced in Belgium as well as in South Africa. Their consistent grades are supplied to the major car tyre manufacturers all over the world, as well as to the general rubber goods industry

Postal Address:
Rubber Resources B.V.
P.O. Box 437
6200 AK Maastricht
The Netherlands

Visiting Address:
Rubber Resources Maastricht
Lage Frontweg 2a
6219 PD Maastricht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)43 3290444
Fax: +31 (0)43 3257191



Rumal Rubber Grinding Industries Limburg specialises in the recycling of truck tyres into high-grade rubber granulates and powders. We have three up-to-date recycling lines in Weert producing high-quality raw materials, which we
sell successfully around the world.
The world’s first tyre recycling company established in 1982, Rumal processes an annual 35,000 tons of truck tyres into granulates and powders, serving as a raw material for various industrial applications. They serve a wide range
of industrial needs in the production of friction materials, car mats, shoes or asphalt for instance. But they serve especially well when used as filling material in artificial turf sports fields.

Schill & Seilacher Struktol AG


 Schill & Seilacher AG was founded in 1877 as a chemical factory for the production of special products. Active research and development ensured the continous growth of the product range. The main emphasis is not only the production of special chemicals for rubber processing, antifoam agents, latex, mineral oils and silicones, but also the provision of customer oriented solutions in the research and development division. At the present time over 600 employees are responsible worldwide for the success of the Schill & Seilacher Group, which is still in family ownership.

After over 120 years of continuous, customer-oriented development Schill & Seilacher is now the global market leader for process additives in the rubber industry. Products are known under the STRUKTOL name. Beyond simple product information the customer service also offers recipe recommendations, tests and training programs in addition to trouble-shooting. The laboratories are being continuously expanded and equipped with the latest in test equipment.

The product range for the rubber industry exists of internal lubricants, peptizing agents, homogenizing agents, tackifiers, plasticizers, metal oxide preparations, vulcanization activators, soluble and insoluble sulphur preparations, mould release agents, mandrel release agents, silicone coating of building profiles, reclaiming agent and mould cleaning compounds. For the latex industry this exists of stabilizers, antioxidants, tackifiers, anti-tack agent, antifoam agents, antiwebbing agents, peptizers and preservative for NR-latex. The product range has been completed with suitable trade products.

Sepulchre Benelux


 Sepulchre is first in class distributor of more than 3000 industrial raw materials and chemical specialities from top suppliers.

Supplier e.g. of polymers and additives for the rubber market.

NV Sepulchre SA
Waterleliënlaan 19/6
Avenue des Nénuphars 19/6
1160 Brussel - Bruxelles
TEL: +32 2 672 23 35
FAX: +32 2 673 67 82

Sepulchre SA
TVA : BE 401 916 233
RCB-HRB : 259.060

The Netherlands
Sepulchre bv
Houtzaagmolen 108
NL-2986 GE Ridderkerk
Tel.: +31 180 434 639
Fax: +31 180 435 621

Sepulchre BV
BTW : NL001619408B01
KVK : 200 56351



Solvay is an international Chemical and Pharmaceutical Group, employing more than 28000 people in 50 countries. Solvay is active in:
- Pharmaceuticals
- Chemicals and
- Plastics

TA Instruments


Teijin Aramid


Teijin Aramid is the leader in the world of aramids. With four different aramids in a variety of formats, we can offer our customers not only the greatest range of product properties, but also an unrivalled level of knowledge and experience when it comes to innovative product development.

Teknor Apex


Teknor Apex Company is a privately held company founded in 1924 and headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA.  We manufacture for our eight divisions in 9 locations in the U.S., and one each in Singapore, China, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

We are a diversified material science company using complementary technologies to serve common markets. The following divisions have been the logical evolution of our growth:

- Vinyl
- Thermoplastic Elastomer
- Nylon
- Bioplastics
- Teknor Color Company
- Chemical
- Toll and Specialty Compounding

- Garden Hose

Univar Benelux


UNIVAR, World leader in the distribution of chemical products as well as in the sale, marketing and application of a wide range of industrial products and services, such as:

Industrial chemical products; high-performance chemical products; additives…
Food ingredients
Thermoplastics and Elastomers
Competence, safety and applied services

Univar Benelux - Brussels
Rue de la petite Ile 4
Klein-Eiland 4
B-1070 Anderlecht
Tel +32 (0)2 525 05 11

Univar Benelux - Amsterdam
Zekeringstraat 32d
NL-1014 BS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0)20 585 89 58

Wurfbain Nordmann


The company was originally founded in 1897. In 1985, it joined the R.C.M.A.Group (Rubber Cultuur Maatschappij Amsterdam), one of the oldest public quoted companies on the Amsterdam Exhange. In 1998, it joined the RCMA Commoditites Asia Group to form a part of the global rubber-trading group with focus on serving our customers in Europe. In 2001, with the joining of the rubber division of Nordmann Rassmann Gmbh, the company group is now Wurfbain Nordmann bv in the Netherlands, and Wurfbain Nordmann Gmbh in Germany (with focus on serving our customers in Eastern Europe). We export Natural Rubber, Lattices, and Synthetic Rubber to all rubber consuming countries globally.

The activities of Wurfbain Nordmann are centred on the production, marketing and distibution of natural rubber and latex from all major production countries. Wurfbain Nordmann is also active as distributor for well established producers of synthetic rubber. Deliveries are affected either directly from the producers factory or stocks in Europe.

Our trading, support and laboratory teams are made up of highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in the international rubber markets and the rubber industry in general.

Our clients include multinational tyre companies, representative buying agencies and other companies involved in the manufacture of specialised rubber products.

Wurfbain Nordmann bv has an ISO-9002 certified quality system, registered under number 96.025.2.

Zeon Europe GmbH


Zeon and its affiliates appreciate that you as our customers and partners have taken this opportunity to communicate with us.
At our European Headquarters in Düsseldorf and our regional sales offices we act as the Sales and Distribution Centre throughout Europe for Zeon Corporation and it's affiliates. We also manufacture at our site in the UK Nitrile Rubber and Zeoforte Compounds.

Our core business is the wide range of innovative elastomeric products developed within the Zeon group, focussed on specialities based upon the chemistry of the C4 and C5 fractions. These elements also form the starting point for new products like cyclo-olefin polymers.

Our Research & Development Departments are continually seeking innovative new products and applications to meet the technical and environmental challenges of an ever changing world. Through developing cooperative solutions to present and future challenges we can achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.