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Abstract of Rubbers in de bouw en in slangen - 1998      1998

Breathable films out of Arnitel

Across the industry, many applications need materials which are waterproof, yet permeable to water vapour. Traditional materials have problems with the contrasting requirements, and recent developments in engineering plastics have developed effective breathable films. These are in fact ideal applications for plastics, since they show up the very best of the materials properties. They have much higher technical properties than the 'natural' materials, are lighter and tougher, and can often make a real contribution to Quality of Life.
Arnitel is perhaps the most suitable material for breathable films. Its has ability to be made into monolytic films. Although waterproof, it has a high moisture-vapour transmission rate (MVTR) which allows it to breathe effectively.
The Arnitel film suits a wide range of applications including:
- roofing film, wall wrap
- surgical gowns, incise drapes -protective and sports clothing, shoes