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Abstract of Lezingen in het kader van het 60-jarig jubileum van Rubber-Stichting - Lezingen Middag in samenwerking met de Rubber-Stichting -Parkrestaurant Rosarium - 1996     1996

The future development of rubber production and quality in Indonesia

Natural rubber has been and will stay an important export product for Indonesia. The country is currently the second largest producer of natural rubber in the world after Thailand.
The present proportions of rubber by type are 90% Technically Specified Rubber (TSR), 6% Ribbed Smoked S-heet (RSS), 3% Latex Concentrate and 1% others. Smallholder rubber covers 83% of the total Indonesian rubber area (3.29 million hectares) and contributes 74% of the total rubber production in Indonesia which was 1.45 million tons in 1995.
The majority of smallholders raw materials are meant to produce Standard Indonesian Rubber (SIR) and could be generalized as field coagula derived from either acid or natural coagulation of latex that have undergone maturation to various extents at different moisture contents. These coagula are purchased by SIR factories in the form of slabs, unsmoked sheets or lumps.
The paper will discuss the position of natural rubber. It will describe efforts made on the improvement of Indonesian smallholders raw material quality and productivity to achieve three C's: Cleanliness, Consistency and Cost-effectiveness.