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Abstract of Nieuwe Technologie     2000

The petro-chemical cycle & the chemical (Elastomers) industry into the new millennium

The paper was made in a co-operation between EniChem and the Belgian PRI.
The Elastomers market is becoming more sensitive to offer & demand, to global trade and feedstock scenarios. The Petro-chemical business is a cyclic business and divestment in commodity products goes faster than investments.
This paper gives an overview of the last 3 years and tries to give a possible scenario for the next years in to the new millennium.

The presentation will cover the commodity Elastomers like SBR & BR, specialities like CR, NBR, EPR SBC, and feedstock's like Nafta, Butadiene, Styrene, Ethylene and others.
This paper has no commercial objectives but makes an effort in making people more alert to changes that take place in this sector and the influences on product pricing.