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Abstract of Rubber ingredienten     2016

Dry processed saprolithic Capsil® clays as functional fillers for rubber applications

Saprolithes are special clays from primary deposits comparable to kaolin but with different mineralogical

composition. The most important characteristic of Saprolithes from the Westerwald region is an amount of

roughly 50 % mica minerals. Processing such Saprolithes by dry processing enables the production of economic

fillers for a wide range of applications. The Stephan Schmidt Group produces Saprolithe fillers as well as plastic

clay fillers under the brand Capsil®.

Blending Saprolithes with different raw material – especially amendment of high plastic clays – leads to

different physical properties of the Capsil® fillers. Subsequently it is possible to produce fillers with more or

less reinforcing characteristics. Different grades of grinding are possible as well. First results of Capsil® fillers

in rubber applications are given in the presentation.