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Abstract of Lezingenmiddag februari - 2000     2000

Updated Epichlorohydrin Elastomer (ECO) with Lead Free curing system

Epichlorohydrin elastomers are one of the speciality elastomers designed to meet heat, fuel and oil resistant requirements of the automotive and other industries. Since their introduction in the 1960's, many types of ECO elastomer have been developed and their application has been expanded in the market. The major curing system of ECO is Lead/ETU, but because of the problems of toxicity associated with Lead, Lead free curing systems have been strongly requested by the automotive and other users. In this presentation, the performance of ECO is reviewed including updated application areas, and the use of a Triazine curing system for ECO is discussed as a Lead free curing option. In addition, Triazine curing performance of Acrylic rubber containing chlorine as the cure site is discussed.