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Abstract of Rubber ingredienten     2016

LUVOMAXX CF – a new group of resource conserving functional fillers for rubber applications

Luvomaxx CF” is the name of a group of carbon-containing functional fillers from natural deposits. In contrast to petroleum-based carbon blacks, they have the ecological advantage of requiring low levels of resources in their production and refining.Luvomaxx CF fillers are composed of plate-like carbon particles which are associated in different concentrations with cryptocrystalline silica and other minerals. The plate-like filler components are able to significantly increase the gas impermeability of air-carrying components such as inner liners for tyres, hoses, and gaskets. The morphology of LuvomaxxCF is also suitable for reducing the dynamic properties of vulcanised rubbers such as internal friction. The decreased heat generation reduces correspondingly the material fatigue in components subjected to dynamic influences. Another positive attribute of the Luvomaxx CF types is their specific density from 1.4 to 1.6 g/cm3. Compared with other mineral fillers or carbon blacks, which have considerably higher densities, Luvomaxx CF can thus help to significantly reduce the volume costs of rubber compounds. When used in combination with carbon black, the Luvomaxx CF types can be used as an internal dispersing aid to improve the distribution of the carbon black. The positive impact on the flow properties of the compound and good extrusion properties additionally lead to smooth surfaces.


Apart from the characterisation of Luvomaxx CF fillers, the presentation also deals with the substitution of standard carbon blacks by selected CF types in guided formulations for CIIR inner liners for tyres and EPDM profile compounds and describes the results of the comparative investigations with regard to physical and application-specific aspects.

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