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Abstract of Themadag rond processing, verwerking en specialty compounding     2006

Rubber processing: Stay In Press Cold Transfer

Common processing methods for rubber molding are compression molding and tranfer molding. Transfer molding can be distinguished in cold transfer molding and hot transfer molding. In order to achieve only the advantages of both processes, Vernay Europa developed a new proces, the so called Stay In Press Cold Transfer (SIPCT). With this proces it is possible to achieve an improved proces control and a reduction of material waste (up to 60%). An important issue during the development was to overcome the thermal constraints in the mold. The development at Vernay Europa was performed in two stages: 1) develop a theoretical model in which the transient thermal effects can be predicted with the aid of Finite Element Analysis (heat transer analysis) 2) build a experimental mold in order to achieve the proof of principle. The investigation has been supported by financial contribution of Senter Novem.