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Abstract of Automotive     2015

Estane® novelties in interior / exterior automotive parts

Lubrizol engineered polymers provides innovative solutions in the form of highly versatile, easy-to-process polymers that can be converted by extrusion and injection moulding processes. Lubrizol seeks to introduce the latest novelties and current success stories within the automotive industry, as well as major breakthroughs focusing on cost-down solutions, lightweight, comfort and aesthetics.


Lubrizol’s extensive Estane® TPU includes a differentiated portfolio of solutions, such as:

  • Aliphatic TPU technologies
  • Pearlcoat® ACTIVA low gloss portfolio
  • Foaming TPUs
  • Isoplast® ETP (hard and high flexural modulus polyurethane)
  • Bio TPUTM by Lubrizol*
  • TPU for Adhesives

The scope of Estane® engineered polymers crosses many end uses such as under the bonnet applications (high heat cables, fuel bowls, …), interior parts (central console, door panels, seats, gear knobs, shutter pads,...) and exterior parts (paint protection film, safety glass, glass lamination,…).

*bio-based content, plant-based, 29-70% as determined according to ASTM-D6866.

Fluorpolymeren in automobiel toepassingen


De presentation van 3M geeft een overzicht van de noodzaak van het gebruik van fluorpolymeren in verschillende automobiel toepassingen.
De focus ligt op het gebruik van fluorelastomeren toegelicht met een aantal toepassigsvoorbeelden in powertrain, fuel en air management..

Aansluitend volgt nog een korte introductie van NST, een nieuwe sealing concept voor dynamische dichtingen op basis van PTFE en een overzicht van 2K, de combinaie van FKM met Stanyl polyamide 46.


How automotive trends can effect the use of TPE materials

The automotive industry is one of the biggest markets for TPE materials. For already many years the average TPE consumption in a vehicle is increasing. The question is: will this be the case in the coming years? 

For the future the automotive industry is facing big challenges and some of them could have an effect on the use of TPE materials.

Challenges like:

Meeting the new CO2 emission standards
  • Integration of new technologies
  • Change in buying behavior of the customer

Will these major these challenges have an effect on the use of TPE materials in a future vehicle. 
This presentation will high light, with the use off a few examples, further grow opportunities for TPE materials in the automotive industry.   

Morphing car body surfaces made of rubber for active aerodynamics control

The actual challenge for car developers is to improve the car handling combined with a reduction of CO2 emission. It is well known that car handling can be improved by increasing the down-force acting on the car. This can be optimised by optimizing the surface of the car body with respect to aerodynamics. However, generally speaking it will increase the air resistance and therefor the fuel consumption. The solution are active spoilering systems which can be adjusted in a well-controlled way. Because of its mechanical dynamic elastic properties rubber is the ideal material for car body surfaces which can be deformed actively during the ride. 
An active front spoiler is presented. The outside surface of the spoiler is made of rubber. Deforming the outside surface is done by means of inflating air bellows. As soon as the inflation pressure of the air bellows reduces, the rubber surface will return to its original shape by means of rubber elasticity. The presentation will focus on rubber technological issues to be solved during the development process.


Rubber toepassingen in automotive- trends en ontwikkelaspecten

Vernay ontwikkeld maatwerk oplossingen in nauwe samenwerking met haar klanten. Hierbij bestrijken we een verscheidenheid aan toepassingen in verschillende automotive marktsegmenten. Dit vergt een ontwikkelorganisatie die van vele markten thuis is.

In deze presentatie besteden we aandacht aan hoe Vernay hierop inspeeld en welke ontwikkelaspecten daarbij een rol spelen.