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Abstract of Grondstoffen en Rubberiingredienten     2012

Hydrocarbon resins as performance modifier for green tires

European tire formulations are rapidly evolving at the moment due to the sustainability drive, changes in legislation and upcoming labeling requirements. Improving the performance triangle has become a critical requirement for the new generation tires. Eastman Chemical Eastman studied the performance of various classes of hydrocarbon resins in a passenger car tire tread formulation. Test results have given insights on the processing and performance improvements that the resins from Eastman Chemical can bring to tire tread formulations.

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Modified Natural Rubber: Structure

Natural rubber is the oldest elastomer in use. Its consumption is still growing, and currently about 42% of the elastomers globally used is natural rubber. However, the compatibility of new rubber additives, e.g. silica, can pose a problem; therefore modified natural rubber types were introduced. The properties and advantages of modified natural rubber grades will be addressed in this lecture, as well as their availability. Compounding principles and applications of the different natural rubber grades will be discussed.

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New Process Oils based on Native Oils

Overzicht & ontwikkelingen van vlamvertragers

Vlamvertragers worden tegenwoordig steeds vaker toegepast, mede door de toename van het gebruik van kunststoffen in de afgelopen eeuw. Nadat halogeen houdende producten de boventoon voerde, zijn de ontwikkelingen bij de meeste bedrijven momenteel naar Halogeen vrije systemen en probeert men producten te gebruiken die minder schadelijk zijn voor mens en milieu. Tijdens de lezing zal een kort overzicht van diverse soorten vlamvertragers worden gegeven, waarna er verder op de belangrijkste mechanismen en de werkzame stoffen van vooral de halogeen vrije vlamvertragers worden ingegaan. Tot slot zal worden toegespitst op de vlamvertragers voor rubber (Neopreen) en eigen ervaringen in de rubberindustrie.

Recent technical improvements of Denka CR in industrial applications

Chloroprene rubber (CR) is a synthetic rubber possessing excellent mechanical strength, flame retardance, and bonding strength, coupled with well-balanced combination of weatherability and resistance to ozone, heat and oil. CR is widely used in industrial products, cables, adhesives and dipping goods. CR is generally classified according to its Mooney viscosity (MV), crystallization rate and modification type of molecular structure which is modified by Mercaptan, Sulfur or Xanthogen. Depending on combinations of these characteristics, Denka has lined up various grades in order to meet wide-ranging customers

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