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Abstract of Thema middag rond verwerking     2011


An extruder gear pump system is presented for the final mixing step. Feeding of the base compound from the first mixing step - done in an internal mixer - with dosing of the crosslinking chemicals into an extruder / gear pump combination gives the opportunity to get a constant high quality of the compound. Together with inline-straining of the compound this saves an additional step in producing the rubber compound.

Liquid injection moulding LSR

Liquid injection moulding (LIM) is a process to produce parts of liquid silicone rubber (LSR). Typical characteristics of LSR and the injection process offers new possibilities in design, engineering and manufacturing of parts from silicone elastomeric. This paper covers the typical characteristics and applications of LSR and LIM techniques at ZORGE Industrie B.V.

Moderne Pressen und Werkzeugsysteme f

In this presentation the following subjects are discussed" - Brief introduction of the company - Types of compression molding processes Compresssion, transfer, injection or combinations - Compression molding equipment - Technical standards - ​​Application area

Möglichkeiten der Automation in der Spritzgussfertigung

In this presentation the following the following items are discussed:

  • Brief Introduction awetis
  • Aspects of automation
  • Tailor-made solutions with reduced complexity
  • Modular configuration of equipment to full automation
  • Equipment and expansion options

Plastisizers - how they influence the manufacturing process

In this presentation the following subjects are discussed. Definition of Rubber Oils Olasticizers dissolvedin Polymers Effect of Plasticizerson ⇒Compound Mooney ⇒Black Incorporation Time ⇒Productivity and Energy Consumption Oil Injection Conclusion Bibliography

Verwerking van banden naar herbuikbare materialen

Rumal, Rubber Maalindustie Limburg, is een dochteronderneming van Kargro, Rumals collega-bedrijven binnen de Kargro groep zijn: Kargro; houdt zich bezig met de in- en verkoop, opslag en transport van vrachtwagenkarkassen. Lintire; Nederlands grootste sortering en recycler van personenwagenbanden. Banden Plan, Tyre Plan en UBO; die zich richten zich op de loopvlakvernieuwing. Rumal verwerkt uitsluitend radiaal vrachtwagenban en kent drie productieprocessen: Ambient, ofwel de verwerking bij