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Abstract of Nieuwe meetmethoden - New test methods     2011

High Force DMA EPLEXOR equipped with a new Multi Purpose Automatic Sampler (MPAS) system

Induced by requests from the tire industry, GABO Qualimeter Testanlagen GmbH launched its first fully automated DMTA equipment for continuous operation in 1995. That robot system supported the EPLEXOR series in mono mode operation (tensile, compression, 3-p-bending, shear) from special mode dedicated magazines. The Autosampler ASSS contains sufficient test samples to enable the operation through the entire weekend. Each specimen is selected automatically and tested according to the predefined batch. Improved versatility of the supply system is required, nowadays. Again, GABO QUALIMETER Testanlagen GmbH accomplishes this change by developing and fabricating a new advanced Multi Purpose Automatic Sampler system (MPAS) in 2010. This MPAS system serves the required test sample to the EPLEXOR system in time capable of multi mode operation. Presently tensile, compression, bending, shear and the tackiness tests are supported. The operation sequence is arbitrarily and therefore predefined by the user needs. The MPAS accommodates up to 150 samples of different type and geometry in one standardized, elevator style magazine. The execution of tensile, shear, and compression tests on vulcanized rubbers as well as tackiness tests on

Rubber Hardness: Gibitre Developments and Technical Market Tendencies

Rubber in afdichtingen

Vanwege de goede materiaal-technische eigenschappen kan rubber op vele manieren ingezet worden als afdichting: i.e. pakkingen, O-ringen, dakbedekking, seats, seals, membranen, ventielen, etc. Sommige van deze afdichtingen moeten een continue afsluiting garanderen, terwijl anderen juist continu open en dichtgaan of slechts in een enkel geval, i.e. bij overdruk, open gaan om daarna hun afdichtende functie weer op te nemen. Afhankelijk van de toepassing zullen er dus verschillende eisen aan de verschillende rubber afdichtingen gesteld worden. In deze presentatie zal worden in gegaan op verscheidene testen, i.e. stress-relaxatie, compressie-set en compressie-deflectie en de wijze waarop zij een indruk kunnen geven van de (rest)levensduur van de verscheidene producten of compounds.

The new Flash DSC 1 represents a quantum leap in Thermal Analysis and opens up new frontiers in the field of materials characterization!

The ultra-high heating and cooling rates add a new dimension to the study of thermally induced physical transitions and chemical processes, for example, the crystallization and reorganization of polymers. The revolutionary Flash DSC 1 enables you to investigate effects that were previously impossible to measure. Some examples will be given and discussed.