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Abstract of Wetgeving thema's: Reach, GHS, opslag gevaarlijke stoffen en afvalverwerking     2010

Reach en GHS/CLP

In deze lezing wordt ingegaan over de gevolgen van de nieuwe stoffenwetgeving genaamd Reach. Omdat deze wetgeving al enige tijd van kracht is wordt er een kleine terugblik gehouden op diverse zaken die geregeld zouden moeten zijn. Er wordt ingegaan op de eerste groep stoffen die geregistreerd moeten zijn per 1-12-2010. Bij de eerste registratie moeten ook de blootstellingscenario

Storage of (dangerous) chemicals. CPR / PGS legislation or guideline?

Within my work in assisting companies and advising and training professionals , about the storage of chemicals there is often a lot blur surrounding this topic. Not only companies but also inspectors have difficulty with the interpretation of legislation that exists at this time in the Netherlands. With this presentation I will provided insight into the current regulations and also give practical answers to most common confusions regarding the storage of chemicals. Below are some examples of questions to which answers will be provided:

Te Winkel en Oomes (TWO) being an innovative specialist in the area of chemical logistics and sponsor of the foundation of interest group VNCW.

Over the years TWO has evolved as a key-player in this market by offering a one-stop-shop solution. We offer a range of activities from production facility until the final customer wherever located: management of the inbound flows, customs, fiscal representation, storage, order picking, labelling, refilling products in smaller packages, colouring paint, our drivers pumping chemicals directly in the tank of the final customer, returns management, European distribution and consultancy. Also we are in discussion with our customers in order to determine how together we can reduce the overall supply chain costs. This has lead to several very interesting projects and to significant cost reductions for our customers. Further we are about to introduce a new, not yet existing product that will create again significant cost reductions as well as a another way to create more turnover. TWO is also the sponsor of the foundation of the