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Abstract of Rubber in voedingsmiddelen en pharma     2019

Rubbers in contact with DRINKING WATER, regulations and what has changed?

At the moment several countries within Europe are changing their requirements for testing and accepting products which come in contact with drinking water. This presentation will give you a brief overview for the most accepted criteria towards rubbers in contact with drinking water within Europe. Besides that recent developments will be highlighted, such as:

-       the new Dutch regulation 2017 ‘Regeling materialen en chemicaliën drink- en warm tapwatervoorziening’

-       the new UBA regulations 2019 ‘Anlagen der Bewertungsgrundlage für Kunststoffe und andere  organische Materialien im Kontakt mit Trinkwasser (KTW-BWGL)‘ and what that will mean for the Elastomer Leitlinie (ELL)

We will go in detail what has changed compared towards the old requirements and besides that explain the new methodology.