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Abstract of Plasticizers & processing aids     2019

Rubber Additives for optimized compounds, processes and products

The manufacturing of rubber articles is a delicate process. Next to the production and the finished article itself many other factors have to be taken into account. Among others those can be of economic, environmental or regulatory nature.

Depending on the target for optimization or existing problems different additive solutions can be selected. Also an important factor to consider is the composition of the compound. Here depending on the polymer, curing system and filler different solutions have to be chosen. For some applications one single product can be sufficient to improve multiple properties at the same time while for others combinations of additives are needed. We will show some examples of how the smart application of additives for the production of rubber articles can help optimize all stages of the production cycle. 

The mixing of rubber compounds on the open mill or in the internal mixer can be clearly improved by the use of additives. Here, shorter mixing cycles or reduced mixing stage can be achieved while the dispersion and homogenization of materials like different polymers or fillers is increased. In standard processing like extrusion, injection or compression moulding the output can be increased or the flow in the mould optimized. Also the curing characteristics can be influenced through the usage of additives and the demoulding facilitated. And of course the most important factor, the properties of the finished product, can also be improved and adjusted according to the final application.

We will show that rubber additives can yield significant processing benefits and property improvements. This way a more effective and economical production of rubber articles can be achieved.