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Abstract of Nieuwe kunststofmaterialen - 1993      1993

Surlyn - the well known - ever young ionomer

After a brief excursion into the history of Surlyn lonomers, which were discovered more than 30 years ago, a short description of their specific propertiies will follow. Influence of the molecular structure on the ionomer's properties will be explalned.
A part from the use of ionomers in flexible packaging films, applicatlons will be discussed where ionomers are processed by extrusion or injection molding. Molded perfume stoppers and golf balls are the most interesting of these.
Following this discussion of the current product and its applications some areas of innovation will be considered in more detail. One implies the development of a very soft, flexible ionomer; another, an extremely stiff and low melting ionomer.
Beyond these commercial or semi-commercial products, however, ionomers offer abundant potential for future developments.