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Abstract of December meeting VKRT: Rubber verwerking     2016

Accurate chemical weighing system

Color Service has designed an innovative and reliable system that guarantees 24 hours per day repeatability, traceability and accuracy of the dosing process for chemicals: this allows to achieve the required properties of the many end products. The main characteristic of the system is the contemporary dispensing of all the products at the same time by an high performance device called TDE, that allows to achieve an unbelievable production of 2 bags per minutes, run24/7 with accuracy and repeatability.


TDE is a vertical stainless steel silo (150 Lts. Capacity), combined with others types of storage system, having various capacity and loading modalities (vacuum, Big Bag, gravity) based on products consumption and based on raw materials feeding form. TDE has a circular bottom closed by a pneumatic guillotine managed by an analogical transducer. The Raw materials weighing take place inside the container in which is insert automatically the EVA bag, placed above the loading cell. The opening of the dosing head is proportional, based on the quantity missing to reach the required weight and directly related to real time weight recorded by the scale. The advantage of this automation is the possibility to allow the whole opening of the dosing head in order to increase the capacity of dispensing, reducing the time, but at the same time reaching high accuracy.


Installation of a circular fixed antistatic brush  and  collecting paddle permit to keep the system clean in automatic and avoid any accidental falling of product. The internal installation of a mechanical bridge breaker automatically drived help the flow of material and makes the TDE unique and suitable for any kind of product structure ( powder, granular, flakes, wax) and quantity.