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Abstract of Rubber ingredienten     2016

New Additives for the Processing of Special-Application-Elastomers

Schill+Seilacher “Struktol” GmbH has introduced Struktol HT 750, a new processing additive for diamine crosslinking polymers. AEM, ACM and HNBR can be challenging to work with, as the high additive loadings necessary for processing often compromise some of the rubber’s physical properties.
Struktol HT 750 was designed to overcome these negative effects, while also achieving excellent processing in both white and black filled compounds.

Diamine crosslinking polymers are common in the automotive applications and need to perform in a very demanding environment. In this setting the compression set, the permanent deformation in a material after an applied force is removed, is one the most critical physical attributes measured. When processing with silica filler, amino-silanes are typically added to
improve compression set, but negatively impact tensile strength and elongation at break.

In stark contrast to the status quo, Struktol HT 750 interacts with the silica surface and improves dispersion and compression set without sacrificing elongation at break and tensile strength.