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Abstract of Al een halve eeuw VKRT, flexibiliteit is onze kracht     2015

The rubber industry energized by LANXESS. Past, Present, Future!

"The rubber industry energized by LANXESS. Past, Present, Future!"
Oliver Osborne. Head of Global Marketing, Head of Global Marketing

Like the VKRT,  EPDM rubber is produced close to 50 years and in 3 years time the same is true for Keltan (1967 first production in Geleen).
Many developments have taken place in these years for Keltan EPDM and also for LANXESS.
Although the EPDM industry is by some seen as a commoditized product, the developments in the last years clearly show this is not the always case.
In this presentation  the market and product developments will be shown from the past, the present as well the expectations for the future.