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Abstract of Automotive     2015

Estane® novelties in interior / exterior automotive parts

Lubrizol engineered polymers provides innovative solutions in the form of highly versatile, easy-to-process polymers that can be converted by extrusion and injection moulding processes. Lubrizol seeks to introduce the latest novelties and current success stories within the automotive industry, as well as major breakthroughs focusing on cost-down solutions, lightweight, comfort and aesthetics.


Lubrizol’s extensive Estane® TPU includes a differentiated portfolio of solutions, such as:

  • Aliphatic TPU technologies
  • Pearlcoat® ACTIVA low gloss portfolio
  • Foaming TPUs
  • Isoplast® ETP (hard and high flexural modulus polyurethane)
  • Bio TPUTM by Lubrizol*
  • TPU for Adhesives

The scope of Estane® engineered polymers crosses many end uses such as under the bonnet applications (high heat cables, fuel bowls, …), interior parts (central console, door panels, seats, gear knobs, shutter pads,...) and exterior parts (paint protection film, safety glass, glass lamination,…).

*bio-based content, plant-based, 29-70% as determined according to ASTM-D6866.