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Abstract of Trends/Innovaties op Polymeren en Vulstoffengebied     2013

3M 2K Technology: Primer free bonding of FKM to PA46 for lightweight solutions

3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroelastomers are used extensively in various high temperature applications such as radial shaft seals. Many of these applications currently use fluoroelastomers in combination with metal components.

A new joint development concept from DSM Engineering Plastics and Dyneon, a 3M company, is broadening horizons as it offers the option to
replace heavy or dense metal components in high temperature applications. This can be achieved by using the new ‘primerfree’ combination of DSM Stanyl® Polyamide 46 and 3M Dyneon Fluoroelastomers.

Expensive metal surface treatments, which pose potential risks to the environment and to employees, can be eliminated by replacing metal components with Stanyl. These include the removal of insert shaping scrap, mechanical surface treatments such as grinding, sandblasting, baking, and chemical surface treatment like cleaning, phosphating and primering. Using Stanyl offers improved production efficiency, freedom of design and integration of functions.

In addition a short overview will be given on 3M Advanced Materials product portfolio and solutions for the plastic and rubber industry