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Abstract of IRC2005 - The North European International Rubber Conference - Creating Value Throughhout the Supply Chain     2005

The 21st century value chain: solutions in action

Market leaders get more from every step of the value chain. That includes traditional steps such as manufacturing, purchasing and distribution but also information technology, commercial operations, customer service and chief executive involvement. The foundation of that leadership is a customer-focused culture that permeates all levels of the organization. Through strategic and skillful coordination of every aspect of the value chain and a commitment to making customers more profitable, organizations can make themselves more profitable in the process. They add more value for their customers, suppliers and shareholders and add more job security for employees. This presentation will provide examples of the solution-oriented value chain in action, including a description of how the Santoprene(TM) product line of ExxonMobil Chemical has excelled by adding value for customers.

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