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Abstract of IRC2005 - The North European International Rubber Conference - Creating Value Throughhout the Supply Chain     2005

Value creation between raw materials, system manufacturers and OEM

he greater part of the rubber processing industry produces products which are required for automotive vehicles and is therefore essentially part of the Automotive Industry. The developers and manufacturers of non-tyre rubber products, like many other suppliers, have experienced extreme hardship during the last decade. During the last decade the OEMs have transferred increasing responsibility for design, development and the quality of the required products. The rubber processor progressed from the manufacturer of relatively simple moulded or extruded parts to a designer and producer of multifunctional components and systems. On the other hand many OEMs have increasingly regarded these products as commodities and have made considerable moves to lower the price of many products through direct pressure on the suppliers as well as through global auctions. Some of the methods used are ethically questionable. In the

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