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Abstract of Polymers     2009

New EPDM products with Keltan ACE(TM) technology

In November 2008 DSM Elastomers successfully implemented Keltan ACE(TM) technology in one of its existing plants in Geleen, The Netherlands. Keltan ACE (Advanced Catalysis Elastomers) technology imparts the use of a new generation catalyst systems for the production of EPDM. This new technology allows for cost efficient production of EPDM. Moreover, the significantly lowered catalyst consumption and energy requirements contribute to a cleaner product and a cleaner environment. Equally important is the ability to produce innovative EPDM polymers that are currently inaccessible through state-of-the-art Ziegler-Natta and conventional metallocene processes. Recently DSM Elastomers launched its first Keltan ACE(TM) product, Keltan DE8270C, targeted for peroxide cure applications of EPDM. Peroxide curing of EPDM nowadays is applied for 15% of the world production of EPDM. Main applications are found in window gaskets, automotive hoses and belts, cable insulation and heat-resistant belts and seals. Keltan DE8270C is best characterized as an amorphous, high Mooney, hyper-branched product, containing 3 wt% of 5-vinyl-2-norbornene (VNB) as the diene monomer. Keltan DE8270C is the first product in DSM Elastomers