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Abstract of Polymers     2009

Innovation at DSM Elastomers: An Introduction

DSM Elastomers produces, markets and sells ethylene-propylene copolymers (EPM) and terpolymers (EPDM) under the trade name Keltan. Also a business unit producing, marketing and selling thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) under the trade name Sarlink is part of DSM Elastomers. The short introductory presentation focuses on the EP(D)M side of the business. For over 40 years Keltan EP(D)M is produced. During these years Keltan has become a leading global brand for EP(D)M. Currently four plants produce Keltan EP(D)M: three in Geleen (NL) and one in Triunfo (Brazil). In those plants a grade slate with over 30 grades is produced that cover all applications EPDM is currently used for. With such a rich history one might wonder if there is still room for innovation in this business. The answer is a clear YES! For example, a new Reactive Extrusion line was opened in 2008 in Triunfo that produces modified EPM. The presentation will illustrate our Innovation Process and some of the most recent advances in Keltan EP(D)M process development, product development and application development as an introduction to the presentation by Herman Dikland on one of our latest breakthrough technologies: Keltan ACE TM.