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Abstract of Specialty Polymers - 2006     2006

Fluoroelastomers specially designed for extrusion of thin walled veneers and tubing for fuel hose applications

Fluoroelastomers are used in automotive and small-engine fuel system seals and delivery components due to their superior resistance to aggressive fuel blends and heat. Fluoroelastomers also provide an effective barrier to permeation while remaining flexible over a wide temperature range. Consequently, many new fuel hose and tubing applications rely on fluoroelastomer inner layers to meet the increasingly stringent permeation regulations. DuPont Performance Elastomers has recently developed new polymerisation technology to produce fluoroelastomers. They are designed specifically for extruded components such as thin walled fuel hose veneers. The new fluoroelastomers provide thin walled extrudates having excellent surface quality with barrier properties capable of meeting the permeation requirements of latest automotive specifications. This paper describes the end use and processing performance of these fluoroelastomers that have been specifically designed for extrusion of thin walled fuel hose veneers.