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Abstract of No Future Without Rubber Technology     2005

The role of Alcryn MPR in the specialty TPE field for fluid resistance

While the technology and chemistry that go into Alcryn MPR is complex, the benefits are quite simple. A key benefit of Alcryn is it's broad resistance to changes in dimensions and other physical properties on exposure to various fluids This is off course dictated by it's flexible composition and chemistry, which allowed Alcryn MPR still to be present in the market .It's long-lasting performance in many domains is still a challenge for design engineers and appliance manufacturers to find new features and technologies that will give their products a unique property solution behaviour. The data presented in this paper show the required formula precautions and effects of a broad variety of fluids on the properties of different TPE's, and Alcryn MPR in particular! This paper also highlights the influence of alloying polymers to obtain the optimal behaviour in different oils and fuels.