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Abstract of No Future Without Rubber Technology     2005

Application of rubber slates on baggage handling systems for airports

On baggage handling systems for airports they use carousels. At the upper side of these carousels the rubber slates are mounted. It seems that these rubber slates are simple and made from standard rubber compounds. For 10 years ago (in the last century) it was true but through many reasons and experience it occurs that the requirements increase through the years. For example appearance, flame-retardant and mounting-time of the slates are now much more imortant then in the past. To fulfil all these requirements the customer needs to optimise the design of the rubber slates and the rubber technologist needs to optimise the rubber compound. The results are to produce rubber products with properties according to all requirements, but it is sure that nobody (who is standing in front of the carousel, with these "simple" Rubber Slates, and waiting for their luggage) realize how many technial research and development hours were made to come to such a special rubber product. During this conversation we will summarize the different rubber compound developments and optimising (with there reasons) of last years. Also the production process with there different probelms and optimising will be explained.