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Abstract of Lezingenmiddag, WICC - 2001     2001

Non Black Fillers and Combinations of Carbon Black and Non Black Fillers in EPDM Rubber

The main part of EPDM is used in extrusion. For non black filled compounds it is difficult to get good results in extrusion. Both, surface quality and productivity in extrusion may be improved by the use of Neuburg Siliceous Earth. In the present paper the results of a comparative study are discussed. Mechanical values, hot air ageing results and qualitative as well as quantitative results in extrusion of a variety of compounds filled with non black fillers are presented.
In the second part of the paper combinations of carbon black with a choice of non black fillers are discussed. Particularly in profiles for automobiles it is imperative to reduce electrical conductivity. This may be obtained either by the use of high priced carbon blacks or combinations of carbon black with mineral fillers. Here also Neuburg Siliceous Earth helps to improve extrudability and to reduce raw material costs without modifying too much mechanical properties.