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Abstract of Lezingenmiddag, WICC - 2001     2001

Vulcuren KA 9188 - A New Possibility to Improve Productivity and Performance of Rubber Vulcanizates

Improved productivity or improved performance of rubber articles are a challenge for all compounders. One possibility to improve productivity is to increase the vulcanization temperature to reduce vulcanization time, but this has normally a strong negative effect on rubber properties due to changes in the crosslink density and crosslink structure. These alteration of sulphur crosslinks is known as reversion and occurs also during service at elevated temperatures or under anaerobic conditions, i.e. long cure times at high temperatures. A reduction or elimination of reversion in vulcanisates, particularly NR vulcanisates, has beside economic advantages also technical advantages in that service life of tyres running under severe conditions can be extended.
Thiol-amine swelling technique for the determination of crosslink density and sulphur crosslink strucrure and model vulcanization with 2,3-dimethylbutene-2 (DMB) as a model was used to show that 1,6-bis(N,N-dibenzylthiocarbamoyldithio)hexan (Vulcuren