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Abstract of Lezingenmiddag, WICC - 2001     2001

Optimal Filler Choice for Radiator Hoses according to Volkswagen TL 52361

The Volkswagen Norm TL 52361 requires extremely high material performances for low temperature flexibility and for resistance to heat, oil cooling liquids and ozone. With respect to possible electrochemical corrosion a high electrical resistivity is additionally required. The use of an insulating filler is necessary for this reason. In the present paper the influence of Aktisil VM 56 (a vinylsilane coated version of Neuburg Silicious Earth) on material properties related to the requirements of Volkswagen TL 52361 was investigated. Particularly the combination of Aktisil VM 56 with the carbon black Durex O fulfills the requirements for the inner layer and forms a basis for an optimization of the material for the outside layer.