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Abstract of Lezingenmiddag - 2001, Arnhem     2001

Alcryn Melt Processsable Rubber

In today's world of growing demand for thermoplastic elastomers the position of Alcryn Melt Processable Rubber from Advanced Polymer Albys, deserves some special attention. Amongst all the available products ranging from elastomers based on styrenics, ether-ester, amides, urethanes and vulcanizates, Alcryn Melt Processable Rubber is the only obvious alternative to thermoset rubber. Alcryn is a true thermoplastic elastomer, based on a partially cross-linked chlorinated polymer alloy that is designed to manufacture rubber parts. Within the range of TPE's it's the only material with the elastomeric behaviour of thermoset rubber. It is a unique rubber that processes easily on standard plastic machinery, which enables manufacturers to cost-effectively improve the quality of their products by adding rubbers durability and warm feel. Alcryn MPR works right "out of the bag" and does not require vulcanization, pre-drying or compounding prior to processing. Also scrap can be recycled without affecting its performance or appearance. Comparison tests prove that Alcryn MPR provides lasting durability, superior weathering, oil, chemical, ozone and UV resistance, excellent ageing and colorability and fast injection moulding cycle times. In this presentation above mentioned product characteristics will be highlighted.