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Abstract of Nieuwe ontwikkelingen rubberprocessen en -toepassingen - 1999     1999

Effect of carbon black on the visco-elastic properties of rubber mixtures

Rubber as a material distinguishes itself from all other materials because it behaves as a frozen liquid with both viscous and elastic properties. These visco-elastic properties of rubber are the most important parameters for the dynamic performance of rubber. The factors influencing the visco-elastic properties of rubber are discussed and in particular the influence of the type of carbon black. Discussed are the particle size and the structure of carbon blacks and the effect of the Tg of elastomers in relation to the visco-elastic properties and the Heat Build Up.
Theories explaining these relationships are given with the help of filler/filler interaction, filler/polymer interaction, Mullins effect and Payne effect. New dual-phase carbon blacks for the improvement of the visco-elastic properties of rubber are introduced.